Welcome to Beneath the Triune Moon. Together we shall explore the mind, body and spirit of Witchcraft.  Are you ready?

Beneath the Triune Moon and its Facebook sister page, Triune Moon, were created to bring information, insights, and education to the magickal and spiritual communities. Through my blog posts, classes, tarot readings and more, I hope to share with you those things that will enlighten, intrigue and aid you in creating and/or enhancing your own practice.

Check out our Weekly Tarot Reading, available first thing Monday morning. These tarot readings are there to share insights and information to help you start your week off right.

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Terry Lynn Pellegrini is the founder of Triune Moon, an eclectic Witchcraft circle. She has more than twenty years of experience in the California Pagan and Magickal communities. A psychic intuitive and clairvoyant, she has provided personal and group readings for many years. Terry currently teaches a variety of classes on Witchcraft, Paganism and Spirituality. She is working hard on her first book which celebrates and combines all of her extensive knowledge and talents.

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