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Weekly Reading-Five of Wands Reversed

Weekly Reading-Five of Wands Reversed, June 6-12, 2022: Stop worrying about whether or not you will be victorious in your endeavors. You cannot come out on top all of the time. Your insecurities are keeping you from moving forward. Don’t let your fear stop you. Work hard, do your best, and all will be well. But remember, sometimes not getting what you desire can lead to something even better. So forge ahead and trust in the Universe to guide you.

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Six of Pentacles Reversed-Tarot Card of the Day

Six of Pentacles Reversed- Tarot card of the Day: Yesterday’s good fortune segue ways into today’s mistrust. You may feel you are being taken advantage of. It seems that all the giving you have done just isn’t enough for someone close to you. But don’t let it worry you. This individual is so troubled and self-centered that it will never be enough. Give with your heart and if they feel slighted, that is their issue, not yours.

Six of Pentacles Reversed
Card from: Witches Tarot