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October Events At Triune Moon


September was a very busy month and I was expecting the October events at Triune Moon to be the same. But alas, my wishes are not coming true. Let me elaborate.

First, my body decided that whole corn was no longer good for me and I had a major diverticulitis flare. Nasty stuff that. I had to cancel numerous classes, appointments, etc., to stay home and take care of myself.

Secondly, I have jury duty!  From October 17th through the 28th I am on call with the Deschutes County Court system. So, no appointments, no classes, etc., during that time – Saturdays and Sundays not included. I guess the Universe thinks I need some downtime.

On that note, I am only offering 2 classes in October:

  • October 15th at 1pm- Energy Work and Circle Casting 101
  • October 30th at 1pm- The Art of Crystal Ball Gazing

You can sign up for these classes here on my website Beneath the Triune Moon, via Square at Triune Moon, or on Google at Triune Moon. Message me at any time with questions or to sign up as well.

I will also be at the Bend Moonlight Market from 4-11 pm on October 21st. I will be doing tarot and crystal ball readings all evening as well as having a few of my products and my book on hand for purchase. Stop by and see me!

Picture from Pixabay

New Winter Schedule

With Fall here, daylight hours dwindling, and winter landing on our doorstep at any time I am moving into my winter schedule for all in-person tarot readings, Reiki and Chakra balancing session, appointments, and shop times. Hours will be 9 to 4 Wednesday and Thursdays, 11 to 4 on Sundays. I will even have a Saturday or two a month I will be open – those will be announced on the Triune Moon Facebook page and a few other social media sites. Hours for Zoom tarot readings are extended beyond these times so please message me for available dates.

November class schedule is currently under construction, and I will have some new, informative classes and workshops in the works.

As always, may your month be filled with joy and blessings. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


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September Happenings at Triune Moon


September is going to be a busy month for me. I am working on expanding the retail shop, adding new events and classes, as well as working on my blog, garden, and the sequel to our book. Phew!!! So, check out the September Happenings at Triune Moon!

Below are the current classes, workshops, and events for September. You can sign up for these through my website (just click on “classes” or “workshops” to find) or through Google, my Facebook page Triune Moon, or by sending me an email or message. All classes, events, and workshops will be at the Triune Moon/Zealous Stills studio at 51636 Huntington Rd, Ste. 2, La Pine, unless otherwise noted.

Classes , Events, and Workshops for September

  • August 31 @ 9 AM: Beginning Meditation
  • September 1 @ 9 AM: Guided Healing Meditation 
  • September 7 @ 9 AM: Beginning Meditation
  • September 8 @ 9 AM: Guided Healing Meditation
  • September 10-All Day:  La Pine Lion’s Club Oktoberfest @ the La Pine Community Center
  • September 11 @ 1PM: Energy Work and Circle Casting 101
  • September 14 @ 9 AM: Beginning Meditation
  • September 14 @ 6:30 PM: The Art of Psychometry Workshop
  • September 15 @ 9 AM: Guided Healing Meditation
  • September 18 @ 1 PM: Drum Circle @ The Pellegrini Homestead (By invitation only-limited seating)
  • September 21 @ 9AM: Beginning Meditation
  • September 22 @ 9 AM: Guided Healing Meditation
  • September 28 @ 9 AM: Beginning Meditation
  • September 28 @ 6:30 PM: Energy Work and Circle Casting 101
  • September 29 @ 9 AM: Guided Healing Meditation

I encourage you to sign up in advance for these classes, but walk-ins are always welcome.

Have an idea on a class or workshop? Feel free to message or email me with your ideas. Or perhaps you have something you’d like to teach and are in the Central Oregon area. The studio is available for rent on an hourly basis (availability is limited). Again, email or message me.

See you soon!

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New Class – Making Magick with Culinary Herbs


Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. We’ve all used them for cooking, but did you know you can use them for magick as well?

Welcome to Making Magick with Culinary Herbs! This fun, hands-on class will provide you with information on 9 culinary herbs, their magickal properties, uses, as well as a bit of history and lore. We will then go on to create one of three (your choice) charm/spell bags using these wonderful herbs.

Class will be held on:

June 12, 2022, 1 pm

June 16, 2022, 6:30 pm

at the Triune Moon studio – 51636 Huntington Rd Ste 2, La Pine, Oregon

Price is $20 per person and includes a detailed handout and all herbs, etc. for the hands-on portion.

Click on the link below to reserve your spot!

(Image by Steve Buisinne from Pixabay)

Note: This class will be available for purchase online early in July.

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No Longer AWOL


Hello all! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. My site has been acting strangely and I have been unable to post anything. I am no longer AWOL, so I’ll catch you up on what’s happening.

I opened my Reiki studio and mini-store on April 16th. It’s been going well with clients coming in fairly regularly and in-person my tarot readings keeping me busy. Right now I am open by appointment only but am planning on having more walk-in days as I did last Saturday.

Reiki Session in Progress at Triune Moon

The Etsy shop is doing well. Orders continue to come in at a steady pace so that is keeping my quite busy as well.

I’ve started classes and workshops in the new space. I have a two this month (my son’s wedding is this week so I kept my calendar small) but have several planned for June and July. The class offerings are as noted below:

Class Offering for May and June 2022

  • May 25th – Crystal Ball Gazing Workshop
  • May 28th – Sculpt Your Own Goddess Workshop
  • June 8th – Poppet Workshop
  • June 12th and 16th – Making Magick with Culinary Herbs
  • June 19th – Create a Summer Solstice Sun Catcher
  • June 30th – Unusual Forms of Divination

As you can see, I’m keeping very busy. I will be starting up the card of the week again and I am working on a newsletter as well.

I will be working on a viewable calendar for this site and also a “book now” page for my services and classes. I am planning on offering several classes on line and via Zoom or Messenger Video early next year. I will, along with my business partner Molly, be expanding our Sisterhood circles. In February I will be adding Goddess circles to the schedule as well.

So, I am no longer AWOL but I am crazy busy. And happy to be so.