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Moving On and Embracing the Solitary Life

This has been a crazy few months for me. It all started when I said these few magic words to my husband, “I’m ready to move to Oregon”. From that time on, my world turned upside down. It was then that I realized I would be moving on and embracing the solitary life. To give

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Lessons From Isolation

Here in California we have been “sheltering in place” since March 20th. It’s been nearly a month now that I have been at home with only a brief trip or two to the grocery store. This has been particularly tough on many of us. However, I find that I have also learned a lot being

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The Chariot- Tarot Card of the Day

The Chariot- Tarot Card of the Day: Intense focus is required today if you wish to keep moving ahead. You may find that the distractions around you are constantly trying to sidetrack you. Don’t let them move you off the course you’ve laid for yourself. Fight back with some self-discipline and a big dose of

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