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Triune Moon February Newsletter


Welcome to the Triune Moon February Newsletter! February is upon us and there are some many wonderful events, holidays, and a Sabbat to prepare for.

We start out with Imbolc, which is the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox (Ostara). We honor the strengthening of the sun’s warmth and light by lighting candles. Many include milk and dairy in their Imbolc feasts to recognize the fertility of the mother.

Brigid’s Day is also celebrated at this time. She is the Celtic Goddess of fire, the hearth, smith working, and fertility to name but a few of her attributes. She was so beloved that the Catholic church made her a Saint, and she is venerated as such today.

Valentine’s Day is on the way and what a better way to celebrate than by giving a gift to your special someone from my Etsy shop! My Love Come to Me Powder, Isn’t It Romantic Oil, and Own It! oil are 20% off. You can purchase use by clicking on the link below.

Triune Moon Etsy Shop

Or stop by the studio/shop at 51636 Huntington Rd., Ste 2, La Pine, Oregon and browse the goodies there.


My online classes in January went so well, I will be doing only online classes for February.  You can sign up for these classes on my website Beneath the Triune Moon or by clicking on the class name below to register through Square.

Classes for February are as follows:

Shielding Basics – February 8th, 6PM

Creating and Using Wards – February 25th at 1PM

Don’t forget to schedule your Reiki session or a Tarot Reading (done in person or via Zoom or Messenger). Message me for availability or schedule your appointment from my Google Page or Facebook.

I’m curious? What would you like to see happen here at Triune Moon? Are there classes you would love to take? Workshops? Seasonal rites? What would you like the shop to carry? Are there additional services you’d like to see? Drop me an email at or a DM and let me know.

Hours and Availability

Triune Moon’s winter hours are still in effect. Shop/studio hours will be 10 to 3 Wednesday and Thursdays, 11 to 4 on Sundays.  We also will be open the first two Saturdays of every month from 10-4.

These hours are for all in-person tarot readings, Reiki and Chakra balancing sessions, appointments, and shop times. The hours for Zoom or Messenger video tarot readings and classes do vary so message me for available dates.

As always, may your month be filled with joy and blessings. Have a terrific February!

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A New Year at Triune Moon


It’s a New Year at Triune Moon. Hard to believe it is now 2023. The last year sped by and held so many wonderful and exciting things. This year will be no different. 

Picture from Pixabay

I am shaking things up right from the beginning. I am adding more items to the brick-and-mortar shop in La Pine. Classes- at least for the winter months-will primarily be online. I am looking into having a drum birthing workshop in late June or July (more info on this to come). I will be hosting other in person events as well. 

Classes for January are as follows:  All will be on-line and you can sign up for them here on my website (just click on Classes) or message me for more information.
Shielding Basics – January 15th 1pm
Making Magick with Culinary Herbs – January 25th 6:30 pm

Time permitting, I may sneak in another class or two.

Book Now!

Don’t forget to schedule your Reiki session to help you relax after a long holiday season. Or schedule a Tarot Reading (in person or Zoom) to find out what the New Year holds for you.

I also want to know what you would like to see happen here at Triune Moon. Are there classes you would love to take? Workshops? Seasonal rites? What would you like the shop to carry? Are there additional services you’d like to see? Drop me an email or a DM and let me know.

Winter hours are still in effect. Hours will be 10 to 3 Wednesday and Thursdays, 11 to 4 on Sundays. Saturday hours will be announced but are normally 10-3. These hours are for all in-person tarot readings, Reiki and Chakra balancing sessions, appointments, and shop times. Hours for Zoom tarot readings and classes do vary (and are available all week from 10 – 5) so message me for available dates.

2023 is going to be a spectacular year and I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you.  I’ll keep you posted and up to date through these newsletters and on my website.

As always, may your month be filled with joy and blessings. Happy New Year!

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October Events At Triune Moon


September was a very busy month and I was expecting the October events at Triune Moon to be the same. But alas, my wishes are not coming true. Let me elaborate.

First, my body decided that whole corn was no longer good for me and I had a major diverticulitis flare. Nasty stuff that. I had to cancel numerous classes, appointments, etc., to stay home and take care of myself.

Secondly, I have jury duty!  From October 17th through the 28th I am on call with the Deschutes County Court system. So, no appointments, no classes, etc., during that time – Saturdays and Sundays not included. I guess the Universe thinks I need some downtime.

On that note, I am only offering 2 classes in October:

  • October 15th at 1pm- Energy Work and Circle Casting 101
  • October 30th at 1pm- The Art of Crystal Ball Gazing

You can sign up for these classes here on my website Beneath the Triune Moon, via Square at Triune Moon, or on Google at Triune Moon. Message me at any time with questions or to sign up as well.

I will also be at the Bend Moonlight Market from 4-11 pm on October 21st. I will be doing tarot and crystal ball readings all evening as well as having a few of my products and my book on hand for purchase. Stop by and see me!

Picture from Pixabay

New Winter Schedule

With Fall here, daylight hours dwindling, and winter landing on our doorstep at any time I am moving into my winter schedule for all in-person tarot readings, Reiki and Chakra balancing session, appointments, and shop times. Hours will be 9 to 4 Wednesday and Thursdays, 11 to 4 on Sundays. I will even have a Saturday or two a month I will be open – those will be announced on the Triune Moon Facebook page and a few other social media sites. Hours for Zoom tarot readings are extended beyond these times so please message me for available dates.

November class schedule is currently under construction, and I will have some new, informative classes and workshops in the works.

As always, may your month be filled with joy and blessings. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


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No Longer AWOL


Hello all! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. My site has been acting strangely and I have been unable to post anything. I am no longer AWOL, so I’ll catch you up on what’s happening.

I opened my Reiki studio and mini-store on April 16th. It’s been going well with clients coming in fairly regularly and in-person my tarot readings keeping me busy. Right now I am open by appointment only but am planning on having more walk-in days as I did last Saturday.

Reiki Session in Progress at Triune Moon

The Etsy shop is doing well. Orders continue to come in at a steady pace so that is keeping my quite busy as well.

I’ve started classes and workshops in the new space. I have a two this month (my son’s wedding is this week so I kept my calendar small) but have several planned for June and July. The class offerings are as noted below:

Class Offering for May and June 2022

  • May 25th – Crystal Ball Gazing Workshop
  • May 28th – Sculpt Your Own Goddess Workshop
  • June 8th – Poppet Workshop
  • June 12th and 16th – Making Magick with Culinary Herbs
  • June 19th – Create a Summer Solstice Sun Catcher
  • June 30th – Unusual Forms of Divination

As you can see, I’m keeping very busy. I will be starting up the card of the week again and I am working on a newsletter as well.

I will be working on a viewable calendar for this site and also a “book now” page for my services and classes. I am planning on offering several classes on line and via Zoom or Messenger Video early next year. I will, along with my business partner Molly, be expanding our Sisterhood circles. In February I will be adding Goddess circles to the schedule as well.

So, I am no longer AWOL but I am crazy busy. And happy to be so.


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Leave Ego out of Healing


When we first find our calling as healers,we are often awestruck, amazed that we can do this wonderful life altering thing. As we begin stretching our muscles, reaching out with our gifts, we may sometimes hit a wall. That which was as simple as breathing suddenly becomes more difficult. Why? Because we’ve introduced Ego into our work. We must remind ourselves to leave ego out of healing.

I recall the first time I consciously helped heal someone. It was during my high school days – I won’t bother with the dates, lets just say it was long ago. We were preparing for testing in gymnastics and one of the other students had fallen off the balance beam and twisted her ankle. Without thinking, I went to her, took her ankle in my hand and willed that her ankle be healed. My hands grew warm and tingly and then I just knew that it had worked. She would be okay. The look of awe and surprise on her face is one I will never forget. Nor will I forget the side-eyed glances and whispers that I received after that. It was obvious that I was now even stranger and unusual than I was before – if that were possible. I now knew that I was different, I was a healer.

Ego in Healing Work

When we talk of ego in healing work what exactly do we mean? Take the statement I made in the last paragraph “I was a healer.” This is ego. The “I” statement, the “me”. Yes, I could heal. But like many who have newly recognized their gifts have yet to learn, we, as individuals, are not the the healers. We are the conduits to energy that helps the wounded individual to heal themselves. This is not a solitary function, but a gift that draws in energy, hope, and healing from a universal source. A more accurate statement is that I had learned how to heal. I hadn’t yet learned to leave the ego out of healing.

Many of us have known we could heal from a very young age. Healing came naturally, like breathing. Others may have turned to Reiki or some other form of energy work as an adult. Those born with the gift are often the ones most prone to allowing ego into their healing work. Why? Because they often learned about their gifts alone, without a teacher or any type of guidance. They feel that they alone are responsible for the healing. This often breeds self-importance and allows ego to run rampant.

I have found that those who lean on ego, allowing the “I” into healing work are often the most ineffective healers. By allowing the delusion that you are doing this work alone, that there is nothing or no one that assists in your efforts, you are sabotaging your gift. Yes, you may be able to heal, but does it last? Does the person you are working on and for feel that they are a part of their healing process? If not, check in with yourself and leave the ego out of healing.

Keeping the Ego at Bay

How do the leave the ego out of healing? How can we keep our egos at bay? By understanding where the gifts, the power to heal comes from, from a Universal energy source (God or Goddess, Divinity, The One). Those that may have been taught by a family member, Reiki master or other instructor are more likely to learn where their gifts flow from than those that may have learned on their own. In knowing that they are in fact conduits for the healing energies, not the originators of that energy allows the individual to learn how to put ego aside and concentrate on facilitating a healing instead of just “healing”. By making the patient/client a partner in the healing process you leave ego out of the healing session.

Does ego always stay away? Nope. We as healers need to constantly do a self-check and reassess where we are coming from before we heal. Are we making the client a partner or are we doing this all ourselves? Have we listened closely to our clients to what they feel is wrong without jumping first to conclusions? Can we allow the energies to flow unimpeded by where we are being prompted to send them instead of where we think they need to be? Am I in the correct frame of mind to begin the task of healing or do I need to take some meditation time to connect with my source? Asking ourselves these questions allows us to leave ego out of healing and facilitates a more effective healing session and leave ego out of healing.

Moving Forward

Now that we understand how we allow ego into our healings and how to leave ego out of healing, where do we go from here? We use our gifts, everyday. We can be of service in so many different ways. Don’t feel limited by just the client/facilitator paradigm, healers can do so much more. Try doing a monthly distance healing session for friends and family far away (with their consent, of course). Use your gifts at a local animal shelter or refuge – animals of all types love a good healing session. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter and offer free sessions for those in need. If you have a green thumb (or wish you did) offer healing and energy to the plants in your local park or even your own backyard. When we are of service to our community and world, our egos rarely come out to play.

As we move forward let us leave ego out of healing. Use your amazing gifts to aid others in healing themselves. Make a difference in this world by being of service to all life forms, sending healing love, and light wherever it is needed. May you truly become the light you were always meant to be.

Blessed Be!