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Three of Pentacles- Tarot Card of the Day

Three of Pentacles- Tarot Card of the Day: You have the abilities within you to create something beautiful. It could be artistic, poetic, or mechanical in nature. Whatever it is, its been waiting inside you, calling to you to make it manifest. Go ahead and grab those paint brushes, those tools, or that pen or

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The Race – by Terry Lynn Pellegrini

In honor of Halloween, I have opted to re-post a narrative poem I wrote in 2017. The poem itself is a bit darker than I usually write, but it fits right the mood for the season.

Darkest Night – A Poem for Hekate

Once again we enter the season of contemplation and quiet as the wheel of the year turns to Mabon. This turn ushers in the beginning of the darkest time of the year. And in this dark, we call upon the Goddesses whose realms reside in the shadows. We turn to them in the darkest hours of the night, during the darkest times of our souls. It seems fitting that this small offering be shared once again.

The Race

The Race By Terry Lynn Pellegrini ©2017   From the crossroads I run Bare feet striking hard packed dirt, Jarred bones, ragged breath, arteries pumping. I crash through the waist high weeds at the roadside heedless of the stinging of the nettles, the thorns stabbing my legs. They follow. Fetid breath upon my heels, bone

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Darkest Night

Darkest Night A Poem for Hekate By: Terry Lynn Pellegrini ©2016 In the darkest of nights, She lights my way. Phosphorous, illuminating, brilliant one. Torches held high, I follow. Through my despair, through my apprehension She leads me to knowledge, she leads me to joy. And through my joy, She shows me life and what

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Sometimes She Whisper

Into the wooded glade you go, Cast your circle, corners glow. Stomach flutters, brow beads with sweat. Into the center, intentions set. Then without fear you call Her here. Ears strain to listen, your wish to feel Her near. But nothing. Not even a whisper.   Arms raised, you call Her name. In anticipation you

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