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Bee – Oracle Card of the Day

Bee- Oracle Card of the Day: When the Bee is drawn she is asking you how you are using your power. Are you using it wisely and for the good of all? Or are you using thoughtlessly, making the world, and ultimately your own life, far less than it might otherwise be?

Foxglove – Oracle Card of the Day

Foxglove – Oracle Card of the Day: The time is right to summon your courage and powerfully banish, dissolve, and destroy any and all cords to fears that may have been holding you back. You are more powerful than you have been realizing. Act. Boldly and take action in manifesting the outcome that is most

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Pulling the Weeds from Your Path

Pulling the Weeds From Your Path

Apparently even my visions have garden metaphors. No grandiose visions for me. No Goddess on a golden throne, no trumpets blasting or unicorns dancing. Nope. I get pathways and weeds.