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Oracle Reading for 2021 – Joy

I was inspired this morning to pull a card for the New Year. Imagine my elation when I pulled this particular card. Below is the Oracle Reading for 2021 – Joy. This marks a time for celebration, for this portends the joyous completion of a project, the attainment of a goal, or the end of

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Weekly Tarot Reading – Five of Cups

Weekly Tarot Reading – Five of Cups, December 28 – January 3, 3021: While you were hoping that any despair, anxiety and fear you may have been feeling would disappear along with the old year, it continues to haunt you. This is causing you to think negatively about the new year and what it may

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The Hanged Man- Tarot Card of the Day

The Hanged Man- Tarot Card of the Day: There is no time like the present to end old ways and release that which holds you back. But remember, you must be willing to sacrifice something to gain something new. Break those bad habits and discard anything that weighs you down. Clear away cloudy thinking and

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Queen of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day

Queen of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day: As 2019 comes to a close we find ourselves pondering the future. Will we grieve for those things gone and yearn for a future that appears unattainable? Or will we move forward with power and determination like the Queen of Swords, creating our own new world? The

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Last Year’s Goals, This Year’s Challenge

Tomorrow is Samhain, for some, the Witches’ New Year. This is the time when I review my previous year’s goals, reflect on what I have accomplished, and those that remain incomplete. It has been an extremely good year, with many of my goals checked off. Still, there were a couple that remained unmet. Those goals

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Turning our Resolutions into Goals

It’s the second of January and many of you may be reading the resolutions you wrote for the New Year. Are you wondering how you are going to accomplish these resolutions? Do they sound unattainable, or more of a wish list than anything else? How do we go about turning our resolutions into goals? What

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Tarot Card of the Day: Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups: The energies of today highlight the happiness in your relationships. Whether romantic or familial, you may feel closer to each other than you have in years. Hold on tightly to this feeling as it is a harbinger of things to come throughout this New Year.