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Weekly Tarot Reading-Initiation


Weekly Tarot Reading-Initiation, July 4-10, 2022: What’s behind you? What are you carrying with you?
What do you need to unpack? Life will initiate you, and when that journey begins, you must be ready to confront the emptiness of a socially dictated life and the constraints of family conditioning. You must face your fears and self-doubts, your shadows and your “dark side. You must release what imprisons you. It’s difficult, but it’s joyful. It begins with a single step, a leap of faith that although the old will fall away, something new, true, and beautiful will take its place. Plunge into the Water, into the cave. Plunge into your life. Everything will teach you, once you are open.

Card and Words of Wisdom from: The Witches’ Wisdom Tarot