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Weekly Reading – Ace of Cups

Weekly Reading – Ace of Cups, June 14 – 20, 2021: Love, peace, and healing define the week ahead. Our emotions have been on overload lately so this respite from the chaos will be most welcome. Take some “me” time and allow yourself to reconnect with these calming energies. You’ll find that there is plenty

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The Serpent – Oracle Card of the Day

The Serpent: The Serpent’s message is one of healing and of gaining knowledge. Whatever situation you’re in right now is meant for this purpose. The Serpent reminds you that knowledge is important. Another aspect of Serpent energy is that each time you experience healing or learn new things, you may need to shed your skin

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Queen of Pentacles – Tarot Card of the Day

Queen of Pentacles – Tarot Card of the Day: Spend time out of doors today, allowing Mother Earth to nurture you. Feel the breeze on your face as She whispers her secrets. Step barefoot onto the earth feeling Her heartbeat beneath your feet. Know that the Earth is healing, and that She wants this for

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Ace of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day

Ace of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day: This is a time of peace and love. The world is working towards the same goal for once – the healing of its peoples. Let love wash over you, filling you with the knowledge that we are all connected, all one. When one is healed, another

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New Moon Healing Ritual

In my last blog post – “15 Magickal Projects While We Shelter in Place” one of the projects was a daily or weekly healing ritual. As promised, I am sharing my New Moon Healing Ritual to you all. While the title indicates “New Moon” it can be easily adapted for any time or lunar cycle.

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15 Magickal Projects While We Shelter In Place

We are going through an unprecedented crisis in our country right now. This pandemic has changed the way we are living, working, and socializing. Most of us in the world are now on “shelter in place” orders. It is going to be difficult for most of us to keep busy – mundanely and magickally. To

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The Star – Tarot Card of the Day

The Star – Tarot Card of the Day: The Star is shining the light on the healing and guidance you require. Let the Star illuminate those areas in your life that are injured, stagnant, and in need of attention. Then look for those people and solutions that will help you to restore you good health

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Nine of Swords – Tarot Card of the Day

Nine of Swords – Tarot Card of the Day: Worry, worry, worry. It seems like you woke up worrying this morning. Replaying the last few week’s events and trying to make sense of them won’t help. Instead, you need to accept that they did happen. Look at them as the lessons they are and embrace

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Bleeding Heart – Oracle Card of the Day

Bleeding Heart Oracle Card

Bleeding Heart – Oracle Card of the Day: Perhaps without realizing it, you have been distancing yourself from your emotions in order to avoid feeling pain. Do what you need to do to get your emotions flowing and heal old hurts. Then, you will experience an exponentially greater level of clarity, connection, inspiration and joy.

Temperance – Tarot Card of the Day

Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance – Tarot Card of the Day: Healing – both physical and spiritual – are possible today. Those old wounds that have festered can now be cleansed and closed for good. The bandage of denial and pain must be ripped off in order to expose the trauma. Then, and only then, can the light of

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