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Weekly Tarot Reading-Four of Wands

Weekly Tarot Reading-Four of Wands, May 16-22, 2022: It’s time to celebrate!! This card portends the culmination of your hard work, a major event (such as a wedding or graduation) or the achievement of a goal. An accomplishment such as this deserves a party! You deserve to be recognized for this success. Enjoy the limelight and have fun !

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No Longer AWOL

Hello all! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. My site has been acting strangely and I have been unable to post anything. I am no longer AWOL, so I’ll catch you up on what’s happening.

I opened my Reiki studio and mini-store on April 16th. It’s been going well with clients coming in fairly regularly and in-person my tarot readings keeping me busy. Right now I am open by appointment only but am planning on having more walk-in days as I did last Saturday.

Reiki Session in Progress at Triune Moon

The Etsy shop is doing well. Orders continue to come in at a steady pace so that is keeping my quite busy as well.

I’ve started classes and workshops in the new space. I have a two this month (my son’s wedding is this week so I kept my calendar small) but have several planned for June and July. The class offerings are as noted below:

Class Offering for May and June 2022

  • May 25th – Crystal Ball Gazing Workshop
  • May 28th – Sculpt Your Own Goddess Workshop
  • June 8th – Poppet Workshop
  • June 12th and 16th – Making Magick with Culinary Herbs
  • June 19th – Create a Summer Solstice Sun Catcher
  • June 30th – Unusual Forms of Divination

As you can see, I’m keeping very busy. I will be starting up the card of the week again and I am working on a newsletter as well.

I will be working on a viewable calendar for this site and also a “book now” page for my services and classes. I am planning on offering several classes on line and via Zoom or Messenger Video early next year. I will, along with my business partner Molly, be expanding our Sisterhood circles. In February I will be adding Goddess circles to the schedule as well.

So, I am no longer AWOL but I am crazy busy. And happy to be so.


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Weekly Tarot Reading-Eight of Wands

Weekly Tarot Reading-Eight of Wands, April 18-24, 2022: This will be a whirlwind of a week. It seems like everything around you is speeding up. Try not to let this frenzy stress you out or wear you down. Flow with the maelstrom, not against it, and you will find that the ride is not nearly as bad as you feared.

Weekly Tarot Reading-Eight of Wands
Card from: The Dragon Tarot
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Weekly Oracle Reading-Peace

Weekly Oracle Reading-Peace, April 11-17, 2022: Regardless of creed or culture, our need for peace is universal. This card invites you into its sanctuary to gain insight into your current predicament. Peace is not only found in calm, harmonious surroundings; peace is a state of being, which can be cultivated from within.

By creating a space unencumbered by restraints of the mind and dramas of the ego, peace can breathe, contemplate, and lead you to a richer understanding of its authentic nature.

Weekly Oracle Reading-Peace
Card and Words of Wisdom from: Vintage Wisdom Oracle
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Triune Moon is Growing-Again!

In the 8 months I’ve been here in Oregon, so much has happened. I’ve found new friends, created circles and community, and have expanded my Etsy shop and online offerings. And Triune Moon is Growing-again!

Back in August I met Molly. I had answered her post on a Facebook page looking to start sister circles in our area. Right away I knew this incredible woman was someone I was meant to work with. She was new in the area as well so a friendship was quickly formed.

Triune Moon is Growing - Photo of Molly and Terry
Molly and Terry

Move forward several months. Molly, a fabulous boudoir photographer and owner of Zealous Stills, was tired of driving the long 30 miles or so into her studio in Bend and wanted to be closer to home. As for me, I needed a spot where we could continue to hold our circles and where I could add in classes, workshops, and have a dedicated space for my Reiki and reading clients. We put our heads together and started looking for places in La Pine.

I know, get to the point already! Drum roll please…. We have joined forces and will be opening our shared studio in April. And we are having an open house!

Come in and visit us!

Along with the new studio space, I will be revamping my website, adding calendars with class schedules (some will be available online). I will be creating new Goddess circles and additional sister circles will be added. A newsletter will be in the works as well.

Come celebrate with Molly and I on our new adventure together. Triune Moon is growing – and watch as Zealous Stills grows as well.

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Check Out My New Book!

It’s finally happened. My book, co-authored with the fabulous Patti Vargas, has been released and is ready for orders. Come check out my new book!

Check Our My New Book!
This is is!

Here is a short excerpt:

We all have psychic and intuitive abilities to some extent and “Knowing – The Empath’s Guide to Intuitive Development” is designed to show you the first steps in realizing the potential of those abilities. Through our shared experiences, stories, exercises, and guided meditations, we will walk you along the path of intuitive development. Come, journey with us through this book and explore your own “knowing”.

With exercises, meditations, and first-hand experiences from the authors, this book is the first steps in a life long quest to develop and hone your intuition.

Purchase our book directly from the publisher, Balboa Press, at: .

You may also purchase from Amazon at:

So, check out my new book! I know you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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Four of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day

Four of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day: So many thoughts are running through your mind you can’t make head nor tails of them. No matter how hard you try to muddle through them, they just get more and more convoluted. A long break is required to rest your weary mind. Look for a quiet spot where you can be alone with nature to allow yourself to connect and recharge. In this tranquil space you will find the answers you seek.

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Queen of Pentacles – Tarot Card of the Day

Queen of Pentacles – Tarot Card of the Day: Today you may long for nothing more than to stay in and relax. The hustle and bustle of the season needs to give way to the peace and serenity of hearth and home. Grab yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Put on your coziest outfit, grab your fuzzy slippers and curl up with a good book or movie. Allow yourself to recharge and regroup so that tomorrow you can be even more productive.

Queen of Pentacles - a beautiful woman dressed in green, holding a bouquet and pentacle disc.  A fluffy dog sits at her feet.
Card from: Witches Tarot
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Knight of Wands- Tarot Card of the Day

Knight of Wands- Tarot Card of the Day: What may appear as confidence in another is actually determination. They are trying to find themselves – in all the wrong places. Instead of focusing internally they are looking outside trying to find the answers. Act kindly towards them, they are at a pivotal point in their life. An offer to be a sounding board can make all the difference to this person. Being there for them, holding their hand, can help them to find their way.

Knight of Wands-  A woman dressed in masculine clothing holding a sword cane.
Card from: Steampunk Tarot
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Two of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day

Two of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day: Tired of trying to be like everyone else? Are you feeling stuck? Attempting to conform to other’s ideas of what is “normal” has only hindered your progress. Try breaking free of this cycle by doing something completely and totally “you”. Wear the fabulous clothes you love, not what they tell you to wear. Go ahead and dance down the grocery aisle to that fabulous tune. Just be yourself and watch how quickly success and joy find you.