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Weekly Oracle Card – Isis

Weekly Oracle Card – Isis: July 26 – August 1, 2021: Stop behaving like a martyr. Always help with a loving heart, and never resentment. Hand any guilt over to Isis. Make a commitment to be kind to yourself. Make a list of your goals and take steps to believe them. Take control and responsibility

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Faumnach

Weekly Oracle Reading – Faumnach, May 10 – 16, 2021: There is something that you desire so strongly that nothing else matters. In fact, your obsession has blinded you to unseen factors that could accompany the attainment of your desire. Perhaps you no longer recognize who you are anymore and wish that you could be

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Maeve

Weekly Oracle Reading – Maeve, March 15 – 21, 2021: Taking charge of your life is something only you can do, if you really want to change the directions things are heading in. You have been hedging your bets for too, long, sitting on the fence, following along with the herd. You have allowed too

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Ereshkigal

Weekly Oracle Reading – Ereshkigal, January 25 – 31, 2021: Sensitivity to your own wants and needs is playing second fiddle to the desires of others. Time to acknowledge and change your acceptance of any demands that have been placed too heavily upon you. Make a stand, be strong, and don’t be coerced into anything

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Fortuna

Weekly Oracle Reading – Fortuna, December 7 – 13, 2020: Should you stay or should you go? Should you tell or not? Spend the money or save? It’s as if all your decision making skills are based on the toss of a coin at the moment. Taking risks has served you well in the past,

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Isis

Weekly Oracle Reading – Isis, October 26 – November 1, 2020: Why have you sacrificed your own life for the sake of others? You have given away the most precious thing in life: you. All these years of dedication for the sake of your principles, all the pain and suffering you have endured, and yet

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Baba Yaga – Oracle Card of the Day

Baba Yaga – Oracle Card of the Day: Baba Yaga does not look kindly on those who have more than they need in life, and she will take from those who do not appreciate what they have. Do you really want Baba Yaga to teach you a lesson in understanding loss? Then start to appreciate

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Darkest Night – A Poem for Hekate

Once again we enter the season of contemplation and quiet as the wheel of the year turns to Mabon. This turn ushers in the beginning of the darkest time of the year. And in this dark, we call upon the Goddesses whose realms reside in the shadows. We turn to them in the darkest hours of the night, during the darkest times of our souls. It seems fitting that this small offering be shared once again.

Darkest Night

Darkest Night A Poem for Hekate By: Terry Lynn Pellegrini ©2016 In the darkest of nights, She lights my way. Phosphorous, illuminating, brilliant one. Torches held high, I follow. Through my despair, through my apprehension She leads me to knowledge, she leads me to joy. And through my joy, She shows me life and what

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