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3 Ways to Celebrate Mabon

Mabon is on the 22nd this year and I am looking forward to yet another solitary Sabbat. I have been wracking my brain trying to decide what I would like to do. Trust me. This solitary life hasn’t been easy when it comes to creating ritual. I have so many ideas but all of them

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Six of Wands- Tarot Card of the Day

Six of Wands- Tarot Card of the Day: Remember, even small victories are still victories and you’ve several appearing today. Whether these are physical or emotional triumphs, they’ve been a long time coming. Revel in these battles won and know that no matter how small, they are making a huge impact on you and those

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Three of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day

Three of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day: Life is good! Eat, drink and be merry this day and celebrate all the good that life has to offer. Smile and say hello to the people you see today. Buy a stranger a coffee or donut. Share in the joy that being kind and thoughtful

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