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3 Ways to Celebrate Mabon

Mabon is on the 22nd this year and I am looking forward to yet another solitary Sabbat. I have been wracking my brain trying to decide what I would like to do. Trust me. This solitary life hasn’t been easy when it comes to creating ritual. I have so many ideas but all of them

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Quote of the Day – Joy

While sitting at my desk I had a profound feeling of joy. I found myself smiling like a dang fool for absolutely no reason. Great, right? Which brings me to the Quote of the Day – Joy. This one is from Thich Nhat Hanh. Have a joyful day! Blessings!

Fortune Faery – Tarot Card of the Day

Fortune Faery -Tarot Card of the Day: Be prepared for a gift of luck today. The Faeries are truly smiling upon you! Things are looking up for you. And if things are already good, they get even better today. Good fortune, blessings, and joy radiate all around you, bathing you in prosperity and delight. But

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10 Ways to Make Time For Magick

We may all romanticize about what we want our magickal lives to be. But mundane life often intervenes. In this article I share 10 Ways To Make Time For Magick