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Last Year’s Goals, This Year’s Challenge

Tomorrow is Samhain, for some, the Witches’ New Year. This is the time when I review my previous year’s goals, reflect on what I have accomplished, and those that remain incomplete. It has been an extremely good year, with many of my goals checked off. Still, there were a couple that remained unmet. Those goals

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Justice: Tarot Card of the Day

Justice: Tarot Card of the Day: Stop dwelling on the possibilities and focus instead on the probability. Yes, things are going to happen in your favor, as long as you allow them to. Stop fighting and dwelling on the “what ifs” and instead focus on the “why nots”. Anything and everything is possible if we

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Justice – Tarot Card of the Day

Justice – Tarot Card of the Day: Feelings of guilt, worry, and a “life isn’t fair” attitude fill the very air today. You may want to blame others for these feelings of inadequacy, defeat, and anxiety. Instead, take the time to examine and reexamine your feelings and motives. While life may not be fair, you

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