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Page of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day

Page of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day: Your emotions are overflowing today. Your heart is filled with love and generosity. So much is contained inside you that you must let some flow towards others before you burst. Try sharing this love through charity or by expressing it with art. Write poetry, call or text

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15 Magickal Projects While We Shelter In Place

We are going through an unprecedented crisis in our country right now. This pandemic has changed the way we are living, working, and socializing. Most of us in the world are now on “shelter in place” orders. It is going to be difficult for most of us to keep busy – mundanely and magickally. To

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Three of Pentacles- Tarot Card of the Day

Three of Pentacles- Tarot Card of the Day: You have the abilities within you to create something beautiful. It could be artistic, poetic, or mechanical in nature. Whatever it is, its been waiting inside you, calling to you to make it manifest. Go ahead and grab those paint brushes, those tools, or that pen or

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Art as Magick (No Talent Required)

I’m not what any one could conceive of as a true “artist” but then again, I don’t really care. I don’t create for anyone else but me. And when I do create it is with but one purpose. I use my art as magick.