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Creating Candy Cane Magick


A Triune Moon Magickal Moment

Did you know that candy canes made with real peppermint have the same magickal properties as using the essential oil or herbs? Join us in creating your own candy cane magick this Yuletide season. Check out some ways to do so below.

This season add in some magick for good health and healing by empowering a candy cane with these properties. Swirl the candy cane clockwise in your cocoa or tea while envisioning good health and healing energies infusing your drink.

Use a candy cane to swirl in some healing magick into your cocoa.

Need some extra love added to your life? Peppermint’s association with the Goddess Venus makes it an excellent choice for love magick. This season wrap a red ribbon around a candy cane, chanting for love (romantic, self-love, or love in general) while tying the ribbon. Place on your tree or hang in your window to infuse the upcoming year with love.

Wrap a red ribbon around a candy cane to bring love into your new year.

Feeling run down, tired and your magick feeling on the fritz? Need a power boost? Take peppermint essential oil and rub it on a candy cane. As you add a more potent and powerful scent to the candy cane, envision your own power gaining in strength and magnitude. Place the candy cane on your altar and inhale its scent several times a day until you feel your energy and strength have returned.

Use the scent of peppermint oil and candy cane magick to give yourself a magickal power boost.

Create your own Holiday Magick!

Have fun creating your own holiday magick while enjoying the taste of a delicious treat. Eating a candy cane is not only tasty but if you infuse it with peace, love and light, you will be ingesting those attributes as well.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Blessed Be!

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Cinnamon Prosperity Ornament – A Triune Moon Magickal Moment


We can all do with a little extra time, money and sanity during the holidays.  While I may not be able to assist much with the time or sanity, I can offer you some help with the prosperity aspects.

I have crafted a simple, yet effective, charm/ornament to be hung on your tree to aid in garnering the prosperity you may be looking for. I have include instructions below.

The supplies needed are:

  • Two (2) Cinnamon sticks
  • Cloves
  • Green ribbon 
  • Silver or Invisible Thread
  • Gold Coins (you can find these at import or craft stores)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Using the glue gun, glue two large cinnamon sticks together.  It works best if they are both the same size.

Once cooled, glue one end of the green ribbon to the end of the cinnamon stick.  Wind it around the stick as many times as you like.  With each wrap say, ” I invite prosperity into my life.” When you’ve wrapped it to the end of the stick, cut and glue.

I chose a metallic, shiny ribbon here, but feel free to use any type of green ribbon.

Thread the needle with the silver or invisible thread.  Run the thread through the hole in the coin leaving a tail. Run the thread through the hole again but this time create a loop to tie off the thread.

Run the needle through the first wrap of the ribbon then through the ribbon itself.  Pull up the thread, leaving the coin dangling – you can let it dangle as long as you would like. I kept it fairly short. Make a knot in at the end once you have the length you desire.  Cut the thread and move to the next wrap.

As you sew, visualize your home and wallet being filled with prosperity.  If you have something specific in mind – perhaps you need money to pay a bill – visualize the exact amount coming to you. Repeat this visualization with each coin.  You may also say what you want out loud as you visualize.

Once you’ve finished the coins, add some cloves under the ribbon wraps.  Cloves are another wonderful prosperity herb and they smell fabulous as well. You may also want to add some gemstone chips which correspond well for prosperity and money, such as jade or amethyst, or glue on other small decorations to the ornament.

Whole cloves placed under the ribbon wraps.

When you are done with your ornament, don’t forget to attach a hanger so you can place the ornament in your tree.  A simple loop of the ribbon hot glued to the back works quite well.  You may also use fishing line or invisible thread.

When the ornament is completed to your liking, hold it in your hands or place your hands over the ornament.  Picture the ornament bringing great prosperity to your home and loved ones.  See it filling with energy.  When you feel the ornament is filled and ready, hang it upon your tree.  If you don’t have a tree, don’t worry.  Hang it on your front door, in a window, above your mantel or over your altar.

May your holidays be filled with love, joy and prosperity. Merry Yule and a Blessed Solstice to you and yours.