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The Hibernation Quantification

“The Hibernation Quantification”

Perhaps all the stress and fatigue of the holiday season is our way of inducing our hibernation phase.

Kern County Pagan Festival: A Review

I haven’t posted any reviews on this blog before.  Reviews were not on my list of things to write about. However, I felt compelled to write about the pagan festival I was at last weekend. I first became aware of the Kern County Pagan Festival from Ellen Dugan’s page.  It was the first time that I

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The Not So Dumb Supper

On Samhain Eve many of my fellow Witches and Pagans will sit down to participate in the tradition of the Dumb Supper.  To honor their ancestors they set a place at the dinner table then invite to their ancestors to join them. They then sit in silence and eat, waiting for the tingle that signifies the

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The Race

The Race By Terry Lynn Pellegrini ©2017   From the crossroads I run Bare feet striking hard packed dirt, Jarred bones, ragged breath, arteries pumping. I crash through the waist high weeds at the roadside heedless of the stinging of the nettles, the thorns stabbing my legs. They follow. Fetid breath upon my heels, bone

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Keeping the “I” in Witch

It’s Friday evening and you stumble home from another grueling work week. Your brain has assumed the consistency of tapioca pudding and the tightness in your neck and shoulders is showing no sign of letting up. Oh, no.  You suddenly recall that tonight is the full moon. Your magickal mind immediately turns towards ritual and

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