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Bibliomancy: Using Books for Divination

Bibliomancy - A bookshelf stacked with books

This week our Magickal Moment takes us to the art of Bibliomancy, using books for divination. This method has been used for many generations, most likely since books first became available.

Bibliomancy is similar to Stichomancy or Libromancy (“divination from lines”), which involves selecting a random passage from a random book of any nature.

Bibliomancy uses a sacred book, or a book with special meaning, in order to answer a simple question. Traditionally this book has been the Bible, but the Quran, and other sacred texts have been used. I personally have a couple of books that I use, depending on the type query. It’s also fun to just grab any book off the shelf and use it to add an extra dose of randomness to the process.

To perform your Bibliomancy grab your book and place it in front of you on a flat surface. You would then ask your question. While keeping your eyes closed, flip through the pages of the book. Once you have selected a random page, point at a line or passage in the book. Upon opening your eyes read the word or line that your finger is on and interpret that phrase with regards to your question.

Alternately, you may use a small, flat stone or piece of metal or wood. Flip through the pages and then drop the stone onto the book. The phrase that the object lands upon is the answer to your question.

My Bibliomancy Experience

My copy of Warrior Goddess Training

For my Bibliomancy today I am using the book Warrior Goddess Training by Heather Ash Amara. My question was ” Where am I in my spiritual quest” I then flipped through the book to a random page. I set my finger down at the top of the book and landed on the first line “Opening your heart starts first with compassion and respect towards yourself.” I’d say I got a fairly clear answer to that question.

Bibliomancy can be an insightful, simple and yes, fun way to divine answers to your questions. Why not give it a try today?

Blessed Be!

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Ceromancy: Divination with Candle Wax


Good Morning! In this week’s Triune Moon Magickal Moment we shall continue our exploration of unusual forms of divination with Ceromancy. Ceromancy is the art of divining the future by interpreting the form that hot wax takes when poured into a bowl of water.

This technique requires very little in the way of supplies. All you will need is:

A lit, green jar candle
  • A candle – I prefer using a jar candle as the wax seems to build up best in the container
  • A clear or white bowl partially filled with water
  • Lighter

Light your candle and let it burn for several hours so that the melted wax builds up. Once you feel you have sufficient wax, you are ready to begin your divination.

Fill your bowl with fresh water and move it close to your lit candle. Breathe deeply and quiet your mind. Then, either silently or out loud, ask a simple question. For example “Will I be happy in my new job?”

Take the candle and pour the wax slowly into the water, being careful not to splash any hot wax onto yourself. Move the candle as you pour, allowing various shapes to begin to form.

A white bowl with melted wax shapes in it.

Interpreting Ceromancy

Once the wax has cooled you will begin to interpret the shapes. Much like Tasseomancy (tea leaf reading) the individual question often determines how we interpret the shapes. If you look at the picture above in accordance with the question asked, I see two individuals reaching towards each other. You could interpret this as the new job having great coworkers or perhaps an atmosphere of cooperation and goodwill. Either may be a sign of happiness in your new job.

While a relatively simple form of divination, Ceromany can be fun and rewarding. May it illuminate your life and help you reach the answers you seek.

Blessed Be!