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The High Priest – Tarot Card of the Day

The High Priest – Tarot Card of the Day: Do you truly know what you believe in? Is your path straight and easy or twisting and rocky? Today is the day to ask yourself, or a mentor, these questions. It is past time to find your own truths and the energies today will send you

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Ace of Swords – Tarot Card of the Day

Ace of Swords – Tarot Card of the Day: The truth you seek has been elusive, hiding among the reeds of mistrust and subterfuge. Carefully and deliberately you have bided your time, waiting for the circling falsehoods to submerge so you can snatch the truth from the pond. Today is the day. Scoop it up

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Intuition Interruptus – Ignoring our Inner Voice

Intuition Interruptis

Our intuition, our gut feelings, are there for a reason. But what happens when we ignore them, when we push that insistent voice aside? That’s when we come down with a good case of Intuition Interruptus , ignoring our inner voice.

Two of Swords – Tarot Card of the Day

Two of Swords - a woman holding a sword to a kneeling man's neck

Two of Swords: There are always two sides to a truth, yours and theirs. Somehow you must both come to an agreement as to what is “true” in order to keep the peace. Do not compromise your convictions, however, agreeing to disagree will keep your integrity intact.