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Lessons From Isolation

Here in California we have been “sheltering in place” since March 20th. It’s been nearly a month now that I have been at home with only a brief trip or two to the grocery store. This has been particularly tough on many of us. However, I find that I have also learned a lot being

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The Moon- Tarot Card of the Day

The Moon- Tarot Card of the Day: Your spidey senses are tingling! The very air today seems charged with psychic energy. Intuitive skills and clairvoyant abilities are all heightened today. It is a good day to practice divination techniques. These energies will bring deeper and more productive meditation and allow for some fantastic guided journey

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10 Ways to Create a Magickal Thanksgiving

Once again Thanksgiving is upon us. Thanksgiving is less about Pilgrims and Indians and the myths surrounding them and more about love. Thanksgiving is about magick. What makes a magickal holiday? Let me share with you 10 Ways to Create a Magickal Thanksgiving.

Ancestral Altars – Creating Space for the Dead

As Samhain approaches and the veil thins we often become introspective.  We muse on the things we have accomplished in the past year, and ponder what we wish to accomplish in the next.  We think of the turning of the Wheel of the Year, the endless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. Our minds contemplate

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Creating a Devotional Practice

I am often asked about daily devotional practice by my students and community. While sometimes a controversial subject because of its Abrahamic religious undertones, I find it an important one.
By performing a daily devotional, we are giving thanks, reverence, and energy towards our chosen Deity or Power.

10 Ways to Make Time For Magick

We may all romanticize about what we want our magickal lives to be. But mundane life often intervenes. In this article I share 10 Ways To Make Time For Magick

The Star – Tarot Card of the Day

The Star – Tarot Card of the Day: Strange and chaotic energies surround you today causing you to feel out of control. Feelings of loss, betrayal, and woe attempt to pull you under. Just understand that Spirit needs you to experience these feelings in order to move through and past them. Hold on and never

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Karma – Tarot Card of the Day

Karma – Tarot Card of the Day: When the Karma card appears in a reading it is reminding us to honor the changes in our lives. With Spirit as your guide, allow them to unfold naturally. Trust in yourself and the process that is unfolding. How you manage these changes and what you do with

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Poppy – Oracle Card of the Day

Poppy – Oracle Card of the Day: Poppy counsels us to stop trying to be everything and do everything. Share your burden of responsibility with others and the Universe. Take a step back, mellow out, and trust that everything is perfectly unfolding.

Crab – Oracle Card of the Day

Crab – Oracle Card of the Day: Crab moves to the rhythms of the Moon following her ebb and flow, rising and setting. The Crab counsels that you align your own life with nature and allow yourself to truly thrive. Crab also bids that you protect yourself from harm but counsels that with the courage

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