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Quote of the Day – Intuition

Some days my intuition is right on track. On other days, it seems a bit wonky. It is on those days that I realize I am doubting myself – usually because I am tired or stressed. When this quote popped up, it seemed perfect. Here is my Quote of the Day – Intuition. May you

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Quote of the Day – Truth

I strive to be truthful to myself, my core beliefs, and to those I interact with everyday. But truth can be an elusive thing. What is truth to one individual is fallacy to another. It is also said that “truth can set you free.” Which brings me to our Quote of the Day – Truth,

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Quote of the Day – Peace

Life can be difficult. Everyone seems to be trying to grab their “piece of the pie” and grappling for fame, fortune, and power. But what if we instead cultivated joy, spread love instead of pursuing wealth, and radiated goodwill instead of greed? Which brings me to our Quote of the Day- Peace – by the

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Quote of the Day – Friendship

Being new to Central Oregon, I have been actively making contacts and cultivating new friendships. While I will always be close to my friends in California (love you bestie!) having friends makes life, for me, more enjoyable. Which is why I chose the words of Jim Morrison for the Quote of the Day -Friendship. May

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Quote for Today – Laughter

Sunday mornings are fairly lazy for me. I like to sit, play a game or two on my Kindle, sip my tea, and look out my window. This morning two deer made their way across the neighbor’s front yard and for some reason it made me laugh. Got me to thinking about how wonderful it

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Quote for Today – Silence

As I sit here listening to the nearly utter silence that is my humble piece of Oregon, many thoughts flash through my mind. One of them was how the silence allows you tap into your inner peace and helps you find your hidden strength. On that vein, I searched for just the right words to

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Quote of the Day – Joy

While sitting at my desk I had a profound feeling of joy. I found myself smiling like a dang fool for absolutely no reason. Great, right? Which brings me to the Quote of the Day – Joy. This one is from Thich Nhat Hanh. Have a joyful day! Blessings!

Quote for Today – Perseverance

Good day! I decided to try something a bit different and add in quotes to my page. The quote for today – Perseverance. This is by Walter Elliot. It truly spoke to me today. I’ve been having some troubles persevering, pushing through the mundane and tedious to get to the success I am craving. Hopefully,

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