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Eight of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day

Eight of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day: On the surface everything seems to be fine. But a look deep inside is a different story. Nearly all of your time seems to be spent in introspection. You’ve been trying to determine what your next move shall be, both physically and spiritually. While self-analysis can be

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Eight of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day

Eight of Wands-Tarot Card of the Day: The air is filled with innovative and inspirational vibes today. Soak up these energies and use them to start a project, create something with your hands, or learn something new. You are only limited today by your own imagination. Take a chance, be inspired and have fun. Share

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Justice: Tarot Card of the Day

Justice: Tarot Card of the Day: Stop dwelling on the possibilities and focus instead on the probability. Yes, things are going to happen in your favor, as long as you allow them to. Stop fighting and dwelling on the “what ifs” and instead focus on the “why nots”. Anything and everything is possible if we

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Queen of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day

Queen of Swords- Tarot Card of the Day: Your heart and mind are in conflict. Trying to get them to agree on a pressing situation is like mixing oil and water. The logical half of your brain wants to slow down and go over the pros and cons. Your heart is ready to leap forward

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The Moon – Tarot Card of the Day

The Moon – Tarot Card of the Day: Under the light of The Moon it’s easier to see what has been stalking you. Now is the time to confront these inner demons and battle your dragons. All your bad habits, self-defeating attitudes, and negative self-talk are now ready to be vanquished. By using meditation, reflection,

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Making Change Your Bitch

I am in a constant love/hate relationship with change. On one hand, change is good. It gives us new challenges, new hopes and a much needed change of direction. On the other hand, change is bad. It’s scary, messy and never seems to do what you want. Yet change is inevitable. Without change your life

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Living in the “Gray Between”

What is this “Gray Between”? Think of it as a fluid line, the demarcation between light and dark, good and bad, and black and white. It is the precarious place witches and magickal practitioners move in, work from and create all. The “Gray Between” is the ever moving and changing center of our lives and our Craft. It is where magick is born, springing forth in all its endless possibilities.

When Your Train of Thought Has Derailed

Train of thought - a derailed steam locomotive

Furiously she types, trying to get everything onto the page before it happens. Then, bam! Gears screeching, the whine of metal on metal. You know the sound. The sound of distraction, of your brain switching off. It’s the moment when your train of thought has derailed.

Pulling the Weeds from Your Path

Pulling the Weeds From Your Path

Apparently even my visions have garden metaphors. No grandiose visions for me. No Goddess on a golden throne, no trumpets blasting or unicorns dancing. Nope. I get pathways and weeds.

The Lovers – Tarot Card of the Day

The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers – Tarot Card of the Day: You’ve thought it all through, weighed your pros and cons and now is the time to take action. Move the last few inches forward and close the deal, sealing it with a kiss – be it actual or metaphoric. Then sit back and watch what wonderful things

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