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New Moon, Fresh Start

New Moon Fresh Start - image of a new crescent moon

The new moon for March arrived this morning at 8:04 PDT and with it the rain and wind. Cuddled up beneath a blanket, my monthly mantra of “New moon, fresh start” began echoing through my mind. This simple mantra reminds me that with each new moon all things begin anew and that anything is possible.

Every new moon cycle I grab my pen and pad and sit down to take stock of what did or didn’t work for me in the last month. Is that diet and exercise plan actually working or do I need to step it up a notch? Those intentions that I set last new moon, were they fulfilled or were they unreasonable? What can I do with this new moon, fresh start?

This list aids me in planning and setting goals and intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. (And, let’s face it, lists make my little Virgo heart happy.) As I examine each goal and intention I look at whether or not it came to fruition during the month. and if it didn’t, why.

Then I think “There I go again, making lists and analyzing everything.” I’m rehashing the same thing I’ve done every month. If this is a new moon, a fresh start, then perhaps it is time for me to try something different. Time to release the hold on my control issues.

Lists, lists, and more lists are a control mechanism for me, I see that now. They are a way to schedule every single moment of my life, in some way, shape, or form. But these lists, these schedules have become too reminiscent of the reasons I detested going off to work everyday. The rules, the regulations, the strict order, It began to affect my health, my sanity. Now, I am perpetuating those things that I sought to be rid of. I’m beginning to lose a chunk of that freedom I so greatly desired.

Making a Fresh Start

Recognizing a need for change is just the first step for me. I’ve years and years of ingrained behaviors to work through. Yes, I will still be making goals and setting intentions, but I am going to cut myself some slack in meeting those goals. My entire point in retiring was to finally have some freedom, to not be bound by restrictive rules and time schedules. Yet I live in fear of becoming lazy and complacent. What’s a girl to do?

If I am completely honest with myself and wish to make a fresh start then I will have to come to terms with the fact that I like structure. Order, structure and goals are important to me. However, making myself crazy and becoming upset because my schedule is being interrupted or I feel my self-discipline is slipping, isn’t healthy behavior. It is going to be work finding this happy median. But it is necessary if I wish to remain productive yet not restricted, scheduled, but accommodating.

The best thing about a fresh start, in regaining some of my freedom, is that I can still set all the goals I want. When I build in some flexibility to my schedule and my deadlines I can still feel free without sacrificing my need for order and discipline. I can be my old productive self, just a better, more relaxed version of it.

Making lists can now be a part of my creative process instead of an instrument of restriction. I shall use them as guidelines, as ideas of what could be, not what has to be. Since lists make my Virgo brain happy, I’ll continue the process, but release my hold on how long it may take for those ideas to manifest.

New Moon Intentions

This new moon, I’m setting my intention to allow myself freedom. Freedom from my own restrictions, from the rigidness I’ve placed upon myself. A new moon, a fresh start, begins today, this very moment. I won’t let this opportunity get away, and neither should you. Set your own intentions towards freedom today as well. Let this new moon bring you a fresh start, a new beginning to a fabulous life.

Blessed Be!