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New Moon Ritual for the Solitary Practitioner

The new moon for August will be here on Sunday and I find that I am quite excited. This is one of the first new moons since I have returned to being a solitary practitioner. While I will miss sharing this time with my coven (even if it was over the internet or through text

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Nine of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day

Nine of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day: We all know that the current times have been challenging. But often unexpected gifts arise from the depths of these challenges. Instead of looking at your reflection in the troubled waters, look deep below the surface. Something wonderful may be submerged, waiting for you to scoop it

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New Moon Healing Ritual

In my last blog post – “15 Magickal Projects While We Shelter in Place” one of the projects was a daily or weekly healing ritual. As promised, I am sharing my New Moon Healing Ritual to you all. While the title indicates “New Moon” it can be easily adapted for any time or lunar cycle.

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King of Keys – Tarot Card of the Day

King of Keys – Tarot Card of the Day: Be on the lookout for a major promotion, a heightening of income, or a furthering of career achievements. Careers in finance, real estate, and business are typical for the King of Keys, but management in any industry can be forthcoming. This may also be a good

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Entering the Magickal “No-Fly” Zone

I don’t have time to be sick! I’ve places to go things to do, etc. But then I see it, through my blurry eyes. It lurks, on the edge of my vision. I know what it is and I don’t want to go there. Yet here I go, limping slowly towards it while blowing my nose like a heralding trumpet. I am entering the magickal “no-fly” zone.

Eight of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day

Eight of Wands-Tarot Card of the Day: The air is filled with innovative and inspirational vibes today. Soak up these energies and use them to start a project, create something with your hands, or learn something new. You are only limited today by your own imagination. Take a chance, be inspired and have fun. Share

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Ten of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day

Ten of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day: While you may not be happy with your current situation, but you shouldn’t be surprised by it. You had a hand in creating this mess, so now you need to work to climb out of it. Take an honest look at your actions to see how

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Five of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day

Five of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day: Under today’s New Moon you may be feeling disillusioned and a bit cranky. You feel as if you can’t rely on anyone, not even yourself. Don’t sit around with your imagination playing worse case scenarios in your head. Instead, find something to occupy your mind and

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Moon – Tarot Card of the Day

Moon Tarot Card

Moon- Tarot Card of the Day: The new moon casts a subtle light on a hidden talent today. This talent, once nurtured, will be necessary to your emotional and spiritual well-being. Don’t second guess yourself and where this new-found ability sprang from. Learn to use it without questioning it and watch the joy that evolves.

New Moon, Fresh Start

New Moon Fresh Start - image of a new crescent moon

The new moon for March arrived this morning at 8:04 PDT and with it the rain and wind. Cuddled up beneath a blanket, my monthly mantra of “New moon, fresh start” began echoing through my mind. This simple mantra reminds me that with each new moon all things begin anew and that anything is possible.

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