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Knight of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day

Knight of Cups- Tarot Card of the Day: Are you ready to look upon the waters within the chalice? Do you wish to see what the future may hold for you? The energies of today move towards all things mystical and prophetic. There are so many mysteries to solve and questions to ask, where do

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Darkest Night – A Poem for Hekate

Once again we enter the season of contemplation and quiet as the wheel of the year turns to Mabon. This turn ushers in the beginning of the darkest time of the year. And in this dark, we call upon the Goddesses whose realms reside in the shadows. We turn to them in the darkest hours of the night, during the darkest times of our souls. It seems fitting that this small offering be shared once again.

There Is No Such Thing As “Safe” Witchcraft

Not long ago I had a new student ask me if witchcraft and magick were “safe”. I sat her down, took her hand, and proceeded to explain that there is no such thing as “safe” witchcraft. Ever.

Fumbling with the Keys to the Mysteries

Fumbling with the Keys to the Mysteries- Five skeleton keys on a purple background

We’ve all been there. Standing in the dark, in front of a door and fumbling to find our keys. If we are lucky we find them quickly. However, we still have to somehow place that key into the lock and open the door. Metaphysically, we often do the same, fumbling with the keys to the mysteries.