Category: Motivation

Quote for Today – Silence

As I sit here listening to the nearly utter silence that is my humble piece of Oregon, many thoughts flash through my mind. One of them was how the silence allows you tap into your inner peace and helps you find your hidden strength. On that vein, I searched for just the right words to

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Nine of Coins – Tarot Card of the Day

Nine of Coins Dragon Tarot

Nine of Coins – Tarot Card of the Day: While the energies of today may cause you to dig your heels in, procrastinate, or otherwise be stubborn, it’s time move. Get your stuff together, your head out of the clouds, and focus on completing an important project. You will never receive the recognition you so

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The Chariot – Tarot Card of the Day

The Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot – Tarot Card of the Day: Getting yourself started today may be your biggest challenge. However, if you wish to achieve your goals you are going to have to move forward – and quickly. While it may be difficult to motivate yourself, once you build up some momentum nothing will be able to

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