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Weekly Oracle Reading – Carnation

Weekly Oracle Reading – Carnation, April 5 – 11 2021: Whether you realize it or not, you are in the midst of a very powerful and positive transformation. In some very real way you and your life circumstances are being reborn. In reality, nothing ever ends: everything simply transforms from one state to another. Letting

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Agapanthus

Weekly Oracle Reading – Agapanthus, January 11 – 17, 2021: If you relax and consult your inner wellspring of wisdom. You will know what immaculate energy dictates in any situation. Do not even briefly entertain any action that us not in alignment with perfect truth or the most authentic good of everyone concerned. Let excellence

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Hyacinth – Oracle Card of the Day

Hyacinth – Oracle Card of the Day: Like the blossom in the image that beguiles the bee, you possess a natural ability to effortlessly attract the true desires of your heart. To get in touch with this attractive quality it’s important to relax your mind, body, and spirit, release any limiting self-talk, and remember that

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Lilac – Oracle Card of the Day

Lilac – Oracle Card of the Day: If you take a moment to relax and tune into your body and your third eye, you will find that the answer you seek is available to you now. You may have already heard your intuition, and this card is validation. Similarly, you may have been receiving omens

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Magnolia – Oracle Card of the Day

Magnolia – Oracle Card of the Day: Your authority is vast, your wisdom ancient, and your roots go deep. Now is the time to stand in your power; recognize your true divine identity and let any illusion of lack, weakness, or disempowerment to fall away. Decide exactly what you’d like to experience in this situation.

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Jasmine – Oracle Card of the Day

Jasmine – Oracle Card of the Day: The more you open to sensual pleasure, the more joy you will experience, the more beauty you will radiate, an the more love you will give and receive. When you choose to consciously, lovingly connect with the physical world, you also connect with All That Is and with

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Lily – Oracle Card of the Day

Lily - A woman, her arms outstretched towards the heavens, sits in a field with lillies in the forefront.

Lily – Oracle Card of the Day: You are never alone in the world. You are surrounded by helpful beings, both seen and unseen. Simply saying the word by humbly and lovingly requesting assistance sets that help into motion. Whenever this card appears, center yourself, focus on the Divine, and ask (silently or aloud) for

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Morning Glory – Oracle Card of the Day

Morning Glory – Oracle Card of the Day: A solution you may not have noticed yet is awaiting your recognition. Be alert to the magical factors at work in this situation. Trust your intuition and follow your inner nudges. Stop doubting yourself and remind yourself that you possess vast spiritual and magical power.

Daisy – Oracle Card of the Day

Daisy – Oracle Card of the Day: Daisy reminds us to come back to the beauty and simplicity of the moment. Remember in this moment that you are already wealthy because you have precisely enough for your soul’s ideal unfolding. You are already successful because you are exactly where your soul has chosen to be.

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Snapdragon – Oracle Card of the Day

Snapdragon – Oracle Card of the Day: Speaking your truth may not always feel easy in the short term. But in the long term it is far easier than the alternative for everyone concerned. Let go of attachment to how others will react when you assert what is true to you. Speak your truth. Love

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