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Weekly Oracle Reading-Hope


Weekly Oracle Reading-Hope, March 6-12, 2023: When things go wrong, we often cling to cold facts rather than embrace hope, for fear of humiliation and disappointment. But as the saying goes, “When the worlds says give up, hope whispers, try one more time.” Hope is one of the most powerful human emotions, and awakens courage, strength, and inspiration. No matter the hardships, when life’s burdens are hard to bear, she gives us new perspective.

The presence of this card may well be saying, “Keep on going and don’t give up!” On the other hand, now may be time to reevaluate what you are hoping for. You would also be wise to remember that false hope can lead to delusion as powerfully as it can empower us to manifest our dreams and aim towards a brighter, more beautiful future.

Card and Words of Wisdom from: Vintage Wisdom Oracle
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Check Out My New Book!


It’s finally happened. My book, co-authored with the fabulous Patti Vargas, has been released and is ready for orders. Come check out my new book!

This is is!

Here is a short excerpt:

We all have psychic and intuitive abilities to some extent and “Knowing – The Empath’s Guide to Intuitive Development” is designed to show you the first steps in realizing the potential of those abilities. Through our shared experiences, stories, exercises, and guided meditations, we will walk you along the path of intuitive development. Come, journey with us through this book and explore your own “knowing”.

With exercises, meditations, and first-hand experiences from the authors, this book is the first steps in a life long quest to develop and hone your intuition.

Purchase our book directly from the publisher, Balboa Press, at: .

You may also purchase from Amazon at:

So, check out my new book! I know you will enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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Art as Magick (No Talent Required)


During the last week I have been in a creative groove. Writing, crocheting, and then, painting. Now I’m not what any one could conceive of as a true “artist” but then again, I don’t really care. I don’t create for anyone else but me. And when I do create it is with but one purpose. I use my art as magick.

I can hear the skeptics already. “I’m not artistic.” “But I can’t even draw a straight line let alone paint.” I have no talent at all.” No worries and no excuses. Neither am I. But art as magick isn’t all about talent and how fabulous it is going to look when you are done. It is about connection with spirit, connecting with the forces all around you. It is about fun and letting our visions find form. Magickal art is, well, magick first and foremost. Aesthetics are secondary.

The most significant difference between art for art’s sake and art as magick is the intention, the focus behind it. Before I begin a project I make a conscious decision on the subject of my creation. Will I be using the object in ritual? As a focal point for contemplation and meditation? Perhaps I am creating something that will make my home more attractive while infusing it with peace and love. Take my latest two projects for example. I painted four separate pieces for my book on the Elements. The other is several crochet pillow covers for my home. Each of these has a different feel, and are for a very different purpose. Yet each is filled with intention and magick.

“AIR” by Terry Lynn Pellegrini

Art as Magick – Making Intuitive Choices

Once I’ve decided on how my art shall be used, I gather my supplies. No matter the medium, be it needlework, sculpting, drawing, or painting, as you choose your supplies focus on your goal. You may even wish to infuse your paints, clay, or yarn with the energy you wish to create, making magick even before you even begin your work. Place your hands over your supplies and envision them filling with the energies required for the task at hand. Blowing on them with your breathe- giving them your energy – also connects you with your chosen medium. Then, each brush stroke, each stitch, each line drawn is infused with focus, with purpose, with energy and magick.

Using your intuition, choose the colors, the style, the shape of your creation. Focus on your magickal end result. What colors feel right for a painting to be used in meditation? Blue? Green? Your favorite aunt has requested your assistance in healing her thyroid issues. Knitting a scarf by choosing a soft yarn in a healing color would be perfect for that goal. Allow you goal to shape itself in your mind then, reach for that paint brush, those knitting needles, that clay, and begin.

One of my creations. An Owl with a rose – Love and Wisdom

Using Your Magickal Art

Once you’ve finished your creation, it’s time to put it to good use. Hang your new painting in your meditation space where you will be able to see it often. Place a warm, peace infused afghan over your husband’s chair providing him with that energy each time he drapes it over his lap. Your new sculpture (however lop-sided or squishy – you should see mine!) will look perfect on the mantle, especially since it was created to act as a guardian for your home.

As you place each piece in its new location, speak to it, remind it of what it was designed for. Touch it, then the wall, the mantle or shelf it is being placed on and let it know that this is now “home”. By doing so you are creating an additional magickal bond with the item, guiding it towards its purpose. Magick is alive people, and the things we create with it are our
responsibility. Make sure each item knows what it was designed for and what your expectations are.

All that is left to do is enjoy your art! Share your creations with friends and family. Show them off, no matter the level of artistic talent you may have. Share the joy of making magick, of creating art, and changing the world for the better one “masterpiece” at a time. May you find joy in those things your heart, mind, and hands fashion.

Blessed Be!

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Bibliomancy: Using Books for Divination


This week our Magickal Moment takes us to the art of Bibliomancy, using books for divination. This method has been used for many generations, most likely since books first became available.

Bibliomancy is similar to Stichomancy or Libromancy (“divination from lines”), which involves selecting a random passage from a random book of any nature.

Bibliomancy uses a sacred book, or a book with special meaning, in order to answer a simple question. Traditionally this book has been the Bible, but the Quran, and other sacred texts have been used. I personally have a couple of books that I use, depending on the type query. It’s also fun to just grab any book off the shelf and use it to add an extra dose of randomness to the process.

To perform your Bibliomancy grab your book and place it in front of you on a flat surface. You would then ask your question. While keeping your eyes closed, flip through the pages of the book. Once you have selected a random page, point at a line or passage in the book. Upon opening your eyes read the word or line that your finger is on and interpret that phrase with regards to your question.

Alternately, you may use a small, flat stone or piece of metal or wood. Flip through the pages and then drop the stone onto the book. The phrase that the object lands upon is the answer to your question.

My Bibliomancy Experience

My copy of Warrior Goddess Training

For my Bibliomancy today I am using the book Warrior Goddess Training by Heather Ash Amara. My question was ” Where am I in my spiritual quest” I then flipped through the book to a random page. I set my finger down at the top of the book and landed on the first line “Opening your heart starts first with compassion and respect towards yourself.” I’d say I got a fairly clear answer to that question.

Bibliomancy can be an insightful, simple and yes, fun way to divine answers to your questions. Why not give it a try today?

Blessed Be!

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Favomancy: Divining with Beans


Lately, I have been on a quest to unearth some of the older forms of Witchcraft. After more than 20 years of being a Witch, of working with covens, groups and as a solitary, I still understand that I have but scratched the surface of my Craft. There is so much more to discover, more than one can learn in a single lifetime. During this quest I’ve been studying different and unusual forms of Divination. This has brought me to Favomancy: divining with beans.

What is Favomancy?

Favomancy, the art of divining with beans, is a type of cleromancy that involves throwing beans on the ground and interpreting the patterns in which the beans fall. The term comes from the Latin faba for “bean”.

There are various forms of Favomancy present across the world’s cultures. This form of divination was once practiced by the Seers in Russia, most specifically among the Ubykh peoples. Though the exact methods they used remain a mystery it is thought that they used a set of 41 white beans. These beans were shaken, then thrown onto a cloth or flat surface. Seers would then interpret the patterns of the thrown beans to find the answers to the seekers question. Today, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a similar method is used, similar enough that they most likely had similar origins.

Today I’ve chosen to share with you a much simpler method than its ancient counterpart. It’s economical – using only simple, everyday items – and it takes just a bit of practice and time to begin using it as a reliable method of divination.

Using Beans for Favomancy

For our Favomancy set you will need:

  • Three large light-colored dry beans – I’ve used dried Lima beans in the example
  • Black paint and a paintbrush or:
  • Black permanent marker (Sharpie)

Using the permanent marker or paint, color one side of your beans black. Cover it completely so that little or no white is showing. Try and get the edges blackened as well.

Paint or color your beans black on one side.

Once the paint or ink has dried completely the beans are technically ready to use. However, I recommend carrying the beans with you for at least three days or placing them under your pillow for a similar amount of time. By doing this you are allowing your energy to come into contact with the beans. This energetic contact will in turn bring greater accuracy to your readings.

Similar to pendulum work, readings are done for questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer. Once a question has been asked, the beans are thrown onto a cloth placed on a flat surface and then the answer is given depending how they fall. The answer is interpreted in the following fashion:

One (1) bean with black side up : Yes

“Yes” answer

Two (2) beans with black side up: No

“No” Answer

Three (3) beans with black side up: Maybe


That’s all there is to it! Simple, effective, and fun! The accuracy of this method is on par with pendulum readings but I find it a refreshing change of pace. I hope you enjoy trying Favomancy: divining with beans and perhaps you too will add it to your list of “go to” divination techniques.

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Time for a Reality Check


Dreamers. People who dream, imagine and create help fill our world with wonder and invention. Our society would become stagnant, decay and crumble if it were not for those that dream big and then pursue those dreams. But sometimes even our dreams stall. They become an anchor weighing us down, an anchor we cling to regardless of the threat of drowning. When you feel as if your dream is taking its last dying breath, its time for a reality check.

Okay, I see that look and the not so subtle eye roll. A reality check? Really? But its a vision, a dream, something wanted, wished for, worked for. Dreams aren’t supposed to be based in reality, are they? Trust me, I do hear you and no, I am not here to discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Just the opposite, in fact. This article is here to give you encouragement to follow your dreams but also to assist you in making your vision a reality.

Together, we’ll take a hard look at identifying what you are trying to accomplish. We’ll discover what your vision actually is and how to nurture it. We will also take a hard look at what tools and experience you may need to make it happen. Included in this article are tips on how to get your dream back on track if it is stalled or even broken. By taking the time for a reality check you will be better able to keep moving your vision forward.

Reality Check #1 – Putting a Name to Your Dream

I feel that the number one thing that makes our dreams fail is that we don’t actually know what it is. We may say: “I want to write.”, “I dream of traveling more.”, “I want to start my own business.” Yet, we never actually define what the thing is. We don’t put a name on our dream.

For years I wanted to make Witchcraft my life, my work. I thought about, dreamed about it, but I never really put a name to it. At the same time, I wanted nothing more than to write and make a living with my writing. After years of my dreams stalling and never being realized, I finally put the pieces together. I put a name on my dream, Author.

This may sound overly simplified, but it changed everything. I had direction, a purpose. Both of my original visions now melded into one. I would make Writing about Witchcraft my life’s work. So how do you put a name on your dream?

  • Identify your dream. – Write it down. Start with the simplest version, perhaps “I want to be an artist.”
  • Define your statement. – Using the example above, define why you want to be a artist. Jot down all the reasons for why you feel you wish create art. Don’t think it through, just write it down.
  • Read out loud the reasons you just jotted down. Does anything on that list make you feel happy? Do you keep going back to a specific word or phrase over and over again? Perhaps the word “ceramics” keeps drawing your eyes back to it or an inflection in your voice is different as you say it.
  • Take that word or phrase and write it big and bold on a separate piece of paper. Place the paper someplace you won’t see it. Then leave it there.
  • In three or four days, take it out again. Speak the phrase or word out loud again. If it still resonates – you’ve placed a name on your dream.

Reality Check #2 -Nurturing and Feeding your Dream

Now that you have taken the time for a reality check and have defined and named your dream you can start (or restart) the process of nurturing and feeding it. This can be the most difficult part of keeping your dream afloat. Why? Generally it’s because when we dream we often forget that dreams take work. They may take specific knowledge and hands-on experience to bring them to fruition. We may think that we have all the skills we need to make our ideas a success, but even if we start with all the right knowledge, times change. You may have to refresh your knowledge base and skill sets from time to time to keep up with the latest trends. Below are a few ways you can nurture and feed your dreams.

  • Take a class – Sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at the resistance I find to that suggestion. Learn a new technique or revitalize an old one. If your dream is to be a tax consultant, take specific classes on the areas you are unfamiliar with.
  • Find a seminar in the area on your subject – Seminars are usually a one to two day commitment, can include a wealth of information and are usually fairly budget friendly.
  • Subscribe to a journal or magazine about your chosen dream – There seems to be a magazine, newsletter or journal for nearly every type of profession, calling, or job. Subscribing and reading these can keep you up to date on new trends, styles, tools and information.
  • Work on your dream – Every. Single. Day. If you aren’t nurturing it, it will fail. Even if its something small, like picking colors for a new glaze for your pots, do it.
  • Have a visual reminder of your dream – Place it some where you will see it often. A simple 3 x 5 card with a word written on it stuck to your bathroom mirror makes a great daily reminder.

Reality Check #3 – Resuscitating our Dreams

Let’s face it, even if we think we are doing everything can to make our dreams a success they can go under. We are then filled with disappointment, frustration and even grief. You may even feel a sense of relief when it fails if keeping the dream alive has become a burden instead of a joy. So how can we go about resuscitating our dream? What tools can we use to resurrect it from the rubble of mismanagement, indecision or indifference? While I can’t give you all the answers I can share some insights and tips that have helped over the years.

Don’t let your dreams be anchored down.

Is it indecision that is crippling your dream? If you can’t decide how to move forward you will never accomplish what you want. Being the consummate Virgo, I have lists for everything. Is it just because of my Virgo analities? Nope. It’s because they work. A list forces me to decide what I need, what tools and knowledge I require to move forward. A pros and cons list can aid you in deciding a new course of action for your dream – weighing the good and bad of what you wish to do. If you are still feeling indecisive after your list making, share them with a friend or friends. Perhaps a fresh perspective will aid you in making a decision.

If mismanagement is pulling your dream under then you may need to pick apart your current way of doing things and come up with a new, more innovative style. Let’s face it, if you’ve been writing a book for years but have never sent it off to a publisher, you are mismanaging (and self-sabotaging) your dream. If your dream involves creating art but you’ve never taken the time to research galleries or art shows to display it, you are mismanaging your dream. Resuscitate it by making the leap and calling that gallery to see of they’ll add you to the next showing. Get a literary agent and have them review and send solicitation to publishers to get that book out there.

Reality Check #4 – Identifying When a Dream has Gone

We’ve talked about ways to feed, nurture and if necessary, resuscitate our dreams. However sometimes we just can’t bring our dreams back, no matter how hard we try. We all change and grow. What once was a perfect vision, a dream to end all dreams, may look different a year from now and that’s okay. Our dreams, once so bright, shiny and exciting, no longer resonate, no longer serve us. How do we know when it is time to let it go? How do we identify when a dream is gone. We look for signs of neglect and decay.

If you’ve been neglecting your dream, ask yourself why? What has changed? Does it no longer feed my soul? Is it a lack of self-confidence that makes me put my dream aside instead of pursuing it? Did I jump into it without thinking it through? Does it still have meaning, importance in my life? Be honest with yourself. Don’t try to sugar coat it. If the thought of continuing to pursue this dreams makes having a root canal seem like a Sunday picnic, it’s time to let it go.

It’s okay. Continuing to try and rescue a dream that is already face down in the water is a waste of our time, effort and a drain on our physical and emotional health. Give it a funeral, a fabulous eulogy and send-off, grieve over it and then move on. Acknowledge the journey this dream took you on, relish the knowledge and insights it brought you, then release it.

No matter what your dream is, always be sure to check in on it regularly. Make time for a reality check weekly or monthly to keep yourself and your vision on track. By learning the signs of when to nurture and feed your dream you’ll be able to keep your vision afloat on your ocean of success. May all your wonderful dreams and visions become a reality!

Blessed Be!