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Weekly Tarot Reading – Queen of Cups

Weekly Tarot Reading – Queen of Cups, January 17-23, 2022: Your emotions may be on high-alert this week. Too much sensory input can make you cranky, sad, and out of sorts. This is a good week to stay home as much as possible, turn off media and outside distractions, and tune out all that you

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Weekly Tarot Reading-The Fool

Weekly Tarot Reading-The Fool, January 10 – 16, 2022: It is time to start a new journey of discovery with The Fool as your companion. Opportunities abound this week. This allows you to pick and choose where you wish to go and what you want to be. Will you start a new business or go

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Weekly Tarot Reading – The Moon

Weekly Tarot Reading – The Moon, January 3 – 9, 2022: Much is being hidden from you this week. Not everything, or everyone, is as they seem. Look sharp for hidden dangers and false promises. Keep your heart open and intuition sharp and you will discern what is false and what is truth. Let the

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Weekly Tarot Reading – Devil

Weekly Tarot Reading – Devil, December 27, 2021 – January 2, 2022: Heads Up! This is the week to be on guard against destructive and reckless behaviors. It is extra easy to indulge in the materialistic and hedonistic so watch yourself. Think before you act so as not to end up with regrets later. A

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Union

Weekly Oracle Reading – Union, December 19-26, 2021: Union suggests the possibility of a new relationship, special friendship, creative project, or meditation. The entwining of the divine energy of union seeks authentic expression. The heavenly energy represented by this card could also signify the answer to a prayer.

Weekly Tarot Reading – Ace of Wands

Weekly Tarot Reading – Ace of Wands, December 13-19, 2021: You must use all of your cunning and ingenuity this week. There will be a great many decisions to be made and you can’t make them by merely weighing the pros and cons. Make it a habit to think outside of the box and rely

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Weekly Tarot Reading-Page of Cups Reversed

Weekly Tarot Reading-Page of Cups Reversed, December 6-12, 2021: You have been ignoring your gifts for too long. You’ve pushed aside those intuitive prompts and your psychic insights. Stop disregarding the nudges from your soul. Listen, feel, and then use your gifts for your own sake as well as to aid others. It’s imperative to

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Weekly Tarot Reading-Six of Wands

Weekly Tarot Reading-Six of Wands, November 29 – December 5, 2021: A major accomplishment is being recognized this week, finally! Weeks, months, perhaps years, of hard work and sacrifice are being acknowledged, Revel in the accolades! You deserve the kudos. But don’t let the celebrity go to your head. You have so much more to

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Weekly Tarot Reading – 7 of Keys

Weekly Tarot Reading – 7 of Keys, November 22 – 28, 2021: The Ascent shows you that with great effort and determination you can apply yourself to your goals for assured success. Though there may be some risks involved, you can reach the top. There could be a promotion or an advance to a much

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Weekly Tarot Reading – Three of Swords

Weekly Tarot Reading – Three of Swords, November 15 – 21, 2021: Be careful how you communicate this week. The wrong words or phrasing may lead to heartache. Think before speaking. Give yourself time before allowing your thoughts to be verbalized. Sometimes it is best to keep it to ourselves than to cause grief and

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