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Your Month Ahead – November 2020

Your Month Ahead – November 2020: Welcome to November! What do the cards have in store for us this month? Where do you stand today? What choices do you need to make? What outcomes from your choices can you expect? Let’s find out. Where You Stand Today A fascination for relationships and emotions has been

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The Earth Faery – Oracle Card of the Day

The Earth Faery – Oracle Card of the Day: The Earth Faery says to pay attention to your health and all things pertaining to your physical body. Perhaps you need exercise or to pay special attention to your diet. Are you getting enough sleep? When She appears she reminds you to get into your body

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Daisy – Oracle Card of the Day

Daisy – Oracle Card of the Day: Daisy reminds us to come back to the beauty and simplicity of the moment. Remember in this moment that you are already wealthy because you have precisely enough for your soul’s ideal unfolding. You are already successful because you are exactly where your soul has chosen to be.

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Eight of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day

Eight of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day: Something feels off today but you just can’t put your finger on it. While outwardly things seem to be going well, there is a nagging feeling that you are missing something quite obvious. This foreboding won’t go away until you sit quietly and allow yourself to

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Fortune Faery – Tarot Card of the Day

Fortune Faery Tarot Card

When the Fortune Faery is drawn, good luck is on its way. What was impossible now seems possible and the day shines just a bit brighter when the Faeries are involved. Close your eyes, make a wish and hold on. The winds of good fortune are blowing hard today!