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The Basics of Candle Magick

One of the first things I learned as a fledgling witch were the basics of Candle Magick. Candle Magick can be one of the simplest, and highly effective, forms of magick to learn and practice.

Creating a Devotional Practice

I am often asked about daily devotional practice by my students and community. While sometimes a controversial subject because of its Abrahamic religious undertones, I find it an important one.
By performing a daily devotional, we are giving thanks, reverence, and energy towards our chosen Deity or Power.

Meeting the Gods – The Value of Research

As a teacher of Witchcraft I hope to make at least a small impact on my students. Yet if I am allowed only one thing for my students to take with them let it be the value of research before meeting the Gods. If I can impart, nay, drill into my students the absolute need

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Discovering Your Magickal Niche

When we are fledgling witches and magicians we tend to start out on our path trying everything. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. In time we may decide that we want to specialize, gain mastery, become an adept. Now you are being called towards discovering your magickal niche.

Adding Structure to your Eclectic Practice

When I first began practicing Witchcraft it was as a Wiccan practitioner in a traditional coven setting.  We had fairly structured rituals, our circle casting, corner calls and Sabbat workings all followed a very specified path.  While we may have considered ourselves “eclectic” because we had created our own traditions and identity, I realize now

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