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Creating Crystal Water for Your Garden

Creating Crystal Water

Creating Crystal Water for your garden is a fun and easy way to welcome in Spring. In this week’s Magickal Moment, I will show you how to create and use this powerful water to give your plants a kick-start towards strong growth.

What is crystal water? Crystal water is created by placing clear quartz crystals into spring or filtered water. Full Moon water may be substituted for the spring water for an extra added boost of magickal energy. The crystals then steep in the water, imbuing it with energies of growth and strength.

To create your crystal water you will need:

  • Clear Quartz crystals – Any size will do.
  • A quart jar with a lid
  • Spring, filtered, or Full Moon water – enough to fill the jar.

Cleanse your crystals in your usual manner. Once clear of any old energies, hold them in your hand. Then, picture your garden in your mind. See it with the plants growing big and strong, disease and insect resistant. As you hold that picture of growth and strength in your mind, push that energy into your crystal(s). Feel them fill with the power of growth, the power to provide strength to your plants and garden. When you feel your crystals are ready, place them into your jar.

Creating crystal water

Fill your jar with the water and leave a bit of room at the top. Tightly screw on the lid. Holding the jar in your hand, envision your garden once more. This time see yourself sprinkling the crystal water onto your plants. As you do so, watch as they grow strong and beautiful before your eyes. Continue holding the jar, keeping this vision in your mind for as long as possible. When you feel you are ready, place the jar in a sunny place for three to seven days.

Using Your Crystal Water

Once the crystals have steeped in the water for the allotted time they are ready to use. Place one cup of the crystal water into a one gallon watering can. Fill the rest of the can with clear water. Sprinkle lightly at the base of your plants. As you do so see them growing strong, tall and happy. I like to sing to them as I do so, but that is entirely optional. I will water them at least four times: once when they are first planted; second when they have developed their first set of leaves (or second if they are a transplant); a third time when they are about two weeks from harvest and the last time; after I have harvested the first fruits or herbs.

Getting ready to water my newly transplanted savory.

Creating crystal water is a simple, fun and magickal way to help your garden grow. May all your plants thrive and bring you joy.

Blessed Be!