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Quote of the Day – Friendship

Being new to Central Oregon, I have been actively making contacts and cultivating new friendships. While I will always be close to my friends in California (love you bestie!) having friends makes life, for me, more enjoyable. Which is why I chose the words of Jim Morrison for the Quote of the Day -Friendship. May

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Lessons From Isolation

Here in California we have been “sheltering in place” since March 20th. It’s been nearly a month now that I have been at home with only a brief trip or two to the grocery store. This has been particularly tough on many of us. However, I find that I have also learned a lot being

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15 Magickal Projects While We Shelter In Place

We are going through an unprecedented crisis in our country right now. This pandemic has changed the way we are living, working, and socializing. Most of us in the world are now on “shelter in place” orders. It is going to be difficult for most of us to keep busy – mundanely and magickally. To

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Four of Wands: Tarot Card of the Day

Four of Wands: Tarot Card of the Day – Today is the perfect day to enjoy the energy created by being with others. For instance, gather your friends together and take in a show. Maybe go shopping or even a picnic in the park. Just take the time to reconnect and appreciate all those around

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Ancestral Altars – Creating Space for the Dead

As Samhain approaches and the veil thins we often become introspective.  We muse on the things we have accomplished in the past year, and ponder what we wish to accomplish in the next.  We think of the turning of the Wheel of the Year, the endless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. Our minds contemplate

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Three of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day

Three of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day: Reconnection and reconciliation are the key words for today. Old friends and long-lost family members find your way into your thoughts. Allow the energies of love, reconciliation, and forgiveness to guide you. But don’t be surprised if not everyone you reach out to is willing to

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Three of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day

Three of Wands – Tarot Card of the Day: Take the time today to share your skills, knowledge, and heart with those that seek you out. While they may appear at an inopportune time, by putting your other work aside to assist them you will be creating connections that will last a lifetime. Even if

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Two of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day

Two of Cups - Tarot Card

Two of Cups – Tarot Card of the Day: An important connection is forged today, one that can conceivably last a lifetime. This connection may not be romantic, It may be a new friendship or a working partnership. However this connection manifests, take hold and hang on. It will be a wild but fulfilling ride.