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Triune Moon February Newsletter


Welcome to the Triune Moon February Newsletter! February is upon us and there are some many wonderful events, holidays, and a Sabbat to prepare for.

We start out with Imbolc, which is the halfway point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox (Ostara). We honor the strengthening of the sun’s warmth and light by lighting candles. Many include milk and dairy in their Imbolc feasts to recognize the fertility of the mother.

Brigid’s Day is also celebrated at this time. She is the Celtic Goddess of fire, the hearth, smith working, and fertility to name but a few of her attributes. She was so beloved that the Catholic church made her a Saint, and she is venerated as such today.

Valentine’s Day is on the way and what a better way to celebrate than by giving a gift to your special someone from my Etsy shop! My Love Come to Me Powder, Isn’t It Romantic Oil, and Own It! oil are 20% off. You can purchase use by clicking on the link below.

Triune Moon Etsy Shop

Or stop by the studio/shop at 51636 Huntington Rd., Ste 2, La Pine, Oregon and browse the goodies there.


My online classes in January went so well, I will be doing only online classes for February.  You can sign up for these classes on my website Beneath the Triune Moon or by clicking on the class name below to register through Square.

Classes for February are as follows:

Shielding Basics – February 8th, 6PM

Creating and Using Wards – February 25th at 1PM

Don’t forget to schedule your Reiki session or a Tarot Reading (done in person or via Zoom or Messenger). Message me for availability or schedule your appointment from my Google Page or Facebook.

I’m curious? What would you like to see happen here at Triune Moon? Are there classes you would love to take? Workshops? Seasonal rites? What would you like the shop to carry? Are there additional services you’d like to see? Drop me an email at or a DM and let me know.

Hours and Availability

Triune Moon’s winter hours are still in effect. Shop/studio hours will be 10 to 3 Wednesday and Thursdays, 11 to 4 on Sundays.  We also will be open the first two Saturdays of every month from 10-4.

These hours are for all in-person tarot readings, Reiki and Chakra balancing sessions, appointments, and shop times. The hours for Zoom or Messenger video tarot readings and classes do vary so message me for available dates.

As always, may your month be filled with joy and blessings. Have a terrific February!

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