New Moon Ritual for the Solitary Practitioner

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The new moon for August will be here on Sunday and I find that I am quite excited. This is one of the first new moons since I have returned to being a solitary practitioner. While I will miss sharing this time with my coven (even if it was over the internet or through text messages) it is giving me a chance to explore this lunar phase on my own. Gathering my pen, paper, and a bit of imagination I have created this New Moon Ritual for the Solitary Practitioner.

New Moon Ritual for the Solitary Practitioner - a picture of the night sky
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

This ritual is very simple and should only take about 10 minutes to perform. As most of my readers know, I love short, yet powerful rituals. I have taken years to convince some in my community that you can be reverent, magickal, and have compelling ritual without taking hours and a plethora of tools and falderal. Don’t get me wrong. I love a full ritual with all the tools, pageantry, and drama. But let’s face it. Most of us are lucky to get that 10 minutes at all. Keeping short but mighty is my mantra.

Below is the ritual I have created. Feel free to use as is or to adapt it to suit your path and/or needs. (As with all my written material, this is for personal use only. No duplication or sale of this ritual or any other intellectual property is allowed without express permission from the author.)

Preparations for the Ritual

Items Needed – Your altar (or other flat surface), a white candle, a cauldron or flame-resistant container, lighter, a slip of parchment or other paper, pen or pencil.

This can be done indoors or outside. I like to do any rituals I can outdoors whenever possible -weather permitting of course.

Set your altar or other flat surface facing East. Place your cauldron or container in the center of that space with the paper, pen, and lighter to the left.. Set the white candle (in an appropriate holder) to the right of the cauldron.

New Moon Ritual for the Solitary Practitioner

Ground and center in your usual way. If you wish, cast circle and call in corners if this is part of your ritual work.

Facing the altar, raise your hands towards the moonrise. While you will be unable to see the moon, know that its power is there, waiting for you.

Look at the candle on the altar. Pick up the lighter and light the candle. As you do so, say: “As this night is filled with darkness, let your light begin to shine.”

Stand for a moment drinking in the energies of the New Moon. When you feel ready, take up the pen and paper. Write down what you intend to accomplish from now through to the New Moon. This may be something spiritual – learning something new for your Craft for example; something physical – perhaps a new exercise program or ditching a bad habit; or something less physically tangible, like working on being more patient or kind. As you write, see yourself doing this thing, placing that intention into each stroke of the pen.

After completing, take the paper and light it with the candle flame. Place the burning paper carefully into the cauldron or container. Say: I send my intentions to the Goddess (or Universe, etc.) May they be fulfilled by my hand, my heart, my head, and with your aid. Blessed Be!

Watch the smoke rise. As the last vestiges of smoke floats away, bow your head in thanks to the New Moon and her energies. Close your circle if appropriate, then turn and walk away, confident that your intentions shall be fulfilled.

Happy New Moon my friends. Blessed Be!

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