Oracle Reading for 2021 – Joy

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I was inspired this morning to pull a card for the New Year. Imagine my elation when I pulled this particular card. Below is the Oracle Reading for 2021 – Joy.

This marks a time for celebration, for this portends the joyous completion of a project, the attainment of a goal, or the end of a long and arduous journey. When you’re thirsty, this marker promises that you’ll find a well; when you are cold, a blanket; when you’re hungry, nourishment.

Joy also has another aspect, for not only does it celebrate receiving blessings from the fruits of actual labor, but it’s also about the sharing of it. Joy celebrates itself – its very essence radiates beauty and well-being.

Like the spring sun breaking through after a long and gloomy winter, joy reminds us to be grateful for all the gifts of life. Joy bestows the blessings of happiness. You truly have reason to smile when this marker appears on your path.

Oracle Reading for 2021 - Joy
Oracle Reading for 2021 – Joy

**Card and words from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards ****

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