Weekly Oracle Reading – Fortuna

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Fortuna, December 7 – 13, 2020: Should you stay or should you go? Should you tell or not? Spend the money or save? It’s as if all your decision making skills are based on the toss of a coin at the moment. Taking risks has served you well in the past, but your run of good luck may desert you if you don’t use a bit of common sense. Gambling your life away, so to speak, might be fine if it’s just you that the outcomes affect, but seldom is that the case. The choices you need to make in life now will either put you on a firm and fruitful footing or lead you astray. Fortuna is Lady Luck personified; she straddles the fine line between the prosperous and the barren, with the wheel of fortune weighing heavily around her neck, for that is her job. It is not yours, this week, so consider what you could win and lose in the upcoming choices you must make and leave nothing to chance.

Weekly Oracle Reading - Fortuna
Card and Words of Wisdom from: Dark Goddess Oracle Cards

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