Weekly Oracle Reading – The Fire Faery

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Weekly Oracle Reading – The Fire Faery – November 9 – 15, 2020: The Fire Faery sparks ideas into action. She rules the flame of creativity and encourages you to move quickly. She is also the voice of happy optimism, showing you signs, signals, and omens to support your dreams. The Fire Faery gives you hope and courage and ensures that your dreams will come true of you simply act on them.

When the Fire Faery appears on your path, she gives you a gift – a magickal sense of energy to help you complete any idea you have that serves the greater good. She signals positive outcomes for your efforts.

The Fire Faery brings you another gift: illumination. When you’re in the dark about something, the Fire Faery lends you her light so that your path will be filled with illumination. All things come to light quickly when the Fire Faery appears.

Weekly Oracle Reading - The Fire Faery
Card and Words of Wisdom from: The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

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