Your Month Ahead – November 2020

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Your Month Ahead – November 2020: Welcome to November! What do the cards have in store for us this month? Where do you stand today? What choices do you need to make? What outcomes from your choices can you expect? Let’s find out.

Where You Stand Today

Your Month Ahead - November 2020: Page of Cups

A fascination for relationships and emotions has been your top priority. You have been searching your mind and spirit for deeper connections. This may in a new relationship or perhaps with your creative side. At times this consumes you, taking you into your own inner world, leaving others to wonder where you’ve gone off to. You have spent a lot of time “in your head” and it shows.

Choices to Make

November 2020 - Faery Stallion

The Faery Stallion equates to The Chariot in more traditional Tarot decks. When pulled in this position it is telling you that you have a choice to make – move forward or remain stagnant. Stop thinking and start doing! All your preparation is done so stop making excuses. Do you want to change you life or do you want to stay in the quagmire, stuck forever? Success is on the horizon. You just need to want to get on for the ride.


November 2020 - Nine of Wands

Like the Phoenix depicted in the card, you’ve were consumed by the fires and reborn from the ash of your indecision. You are now creating the path, the world you desire, but it isn’t easy. The first steps, the beginning of your journey, will be the most difficult. But once you you jump onto the Chariot and allow yourself to move, to be free, you feel alive again. Yes, the flames will lick at your heals the entire time, but know that you will survive the conflagration and reemerge vibrant and renewed. So what are you waiting for?

(Cards are from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm)

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