Weekly Oracle Reading – Isis

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Weekly Oracle Reading – Isis, October 26 – November 1, 2020: Why have you sacrificed your own life for the sake of others? You have given away the most precious thing in life: you. All these years of dedication for the sake of your principles, all the pain and suffering you have endured, and yet you have ignored your own needs by putting others before you. This learned behavior had become a destructive pattern in your life. Stop self-imposing the victim upon yourself, and take steps to live out your dreams. By self-sacrificing yourself you have forgotten who you truly should be. Never act as others expect you to be. Instead take responsibility for your life and quit blaming others for your disappointments and failures. You need to be in service to yourself, first and foremost. Take care of yourself and learn to say no to others, especially when their demands enslave you. Be like a phoenix as you rise from the ashes of resurrection, for Isis invites you to reclaim your personal power.

Weekly Oracle Reading - Isis
Card and words of Wisdom from: Dark Goddess Oracle Cards

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