Weekly Tarot Reading – 8 of Forces

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Weekly Tarot Reading – 8 of Forces – September 21 – 27, 2020: This card shows that it’s a time of splitting apart – a time of loss, disappointment or even a metaphorical death. You may be feeling wounded, grieved, or greatly disappointed. The loss could be a career opportunity, romantic relationship, partnership, creative project, or friendship.

At first glance, the event may seem sudden or unexpected, but in the light that flashes, we see the deep puddles of a storm that has been brewing for some time. You’ve probably been aware of the threat or difficulty at some level, even if you were unwilling to acknowledge it before. Now, it’s time to accept the situation and not fight what’s so. There is benefit coming, but it often takes an ending to bring forth a new beginning – and a storm to cleanse the field.

Weekly Tarot Reading - 8 of Forces
Card and Words of Wisdom from: The Akashic Tarot

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