Yes, I’m Still Alive and Kicking

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Hello everyone. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new. Just wanted you all to know that yes, I’m still alive and kicking. I feel as if I have been on vacation since I suspended my cards of the day. For some reason it has caused a feeling of relaxation, and dare I say, laziness to wash over me. Guess I truly needed this break to relax, rejuvenate, and reflect.

However, it’s not like I haven’t been busy. While I’ve been away from this blog I’ve completed my Master Gardener training – a 5 month course through the University of California Cooperative Extension. Now that I am official, I will be volunteering with the local county program to answer questions about home gardening, dealing with pests, as well as community outreach and education. I am currently preparing to co-host an online webinar about Culinary Herbs on the 30th. This is so very exciting for me, and a bit nerve-wracking. I don’t think I’ve ever taught an online class before. Something new to add to my resume perhaps?

Alive and Kicking - An old fashioned typewriter

I have also been diligently working on a book I am co-authoring with a dear friend. As we both have many other responsibilities – both work and personal – we are taking it slowly. A chapter every couple of weeks seems to be working for both of us. When I am at liberty to discuss the content, I’ll be sure to share.

Which Brings Me To The Point…

While I may not currently be doing tarot cards daily on social media, I have still been doing online and phone readings. While I prefer doing readings in person (who doesn’t), doing them online and being able to see the wonderful souls that I am assisting makes my heart sing. Remember, I am available to do a reading for you, just schedule on my Triune Moon Facebook page or contact me via DM on Instagram @triunemoon.

Speaking of readings, I have had several requests to bring back the cards of the day. So, after meditating and reflecting on this I am delighted to say that I will be bringing them back – slightly changed – as a weekly draw beginning July 6th. This may or may not morph into something more, time will tell.

I also have a couple of other things up my sleeves, but that will be revealed in later blogs.

So as you see, I am still alive and kicking, cooking up new and exciting adventures for myself and some wonderful new things to share with you.

May you stay safe, happy, and well. Blessed Be!

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  1. Truly, no coincidences!

    Earlier today, I was going through old Emails, and I happen to see the Email about your post about discontinuing your Tarot or Oracle Cards for the day. Although I only began following your WordPress Blog less than six months ago, I was happy to see them for the time that you did them.

    And I was very OK with you discontinuing this offering. I AM a professional Intuitive Card Reader, and we both know there is no shortage of people offering free Readings online. Truly, no shortage, but I digress.

    Interestingly enough, for a while I was pulling a combination of Tarot and Oracle Cards (one card from a Tarot Deck and one from an Oracle Card Deck) and making a video of it, which I uploaded to my YouTube Channel. I eventually realized that I simply did not want to do it, and I think that is why the Great Goddess brought things into my life to prevent me from doing it regularly.

    However, I have been pulling weekly draws and, I must admit, I AM amazed that I have kept it going for almost two I must admit, it does work better for my schedule, and I have no doubt it shall work better for yours, too.

    Oh, and thank you for the snippet of info regarding your book writing project. Even that little snippet of info was thrilling for me.

    May the Great Goddess Bless you and yours with Radiance, Prosperity and Peace.

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