Making Way for New Beginnings


I wish to start this post by thanking you, my loyal followers, for reading my Tarot Card of the Day these last 2 and half years. It has been my honor and pleasure to have done these readings for you every day. But the time has come to start making way for new beginnings.

As of today, I will be setting my daily cards aside. You will no longer be seeing them each morning. While I will still be doing Tarot and crystal ball readings, in person and online (just send me a DM), and Psychic and Holistic Fairs (once we can) new and exciting ventures are calling.

My writing is currently demanding my attention. With a book in the works and one on the sidelines, I need to spend a great deal more time working on these.

I have also had many promptings and dreams of new projects but those are still gestating, waiting their turn in the queue.

Will I stop doing my daily Tarot readings forever? I am not sure. But no matter what, I will still keep this blog up and running, sharing my projects, magick, and gardening tips, as I feel prompted. This has been a true labor of love for me and again, I wish to thank all of you for making this a wonderful and rewarding experience.

May you all be blessed each and every day of your lives. And may the cards be forever in your favor.

Blessed Be!

2 comments on “Making Way for New Beginnings”

  1. First, thank you for having spent two-and-a-half years taking time out of your day to post daily Tarot or Oracle Cards. Talk about Goddess-Graced Generosity!

    Second, I AM very excited about your current writing projects.

    Finally, I look forward to updates when you have them.

    May the Great Goddess forever Bless you and yours with Love, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Health, Healing and Joy.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comments. I will be posting an update shortly.

      May the Goddess bless you and yours as well.

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