Lessons From Isolation

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Here in California we have been “sheltering in place” since March 20th. It’s been nearly a month now that I have been at home with only a brief trip or two to the grocery store. This has been particularly tough on many of us. However, I find that I have also learned a lot being relegated to my home. The lessons from isolation have just begun to sink into my rather crowded brain. So, I thought I would share them with the hope that even though we are separated physically, we may connect mentally and emotionally.

  1. I don’t have procrastination issues. I was trying to do too much.
  2. I am way more social than I thought I was.
  3. In silence I am redefining my Craft.
  4. My self-discipline sucks.
  5. Creativity is unleashed when I have less distractions.
  6. My home is truly my “happy place.”
  7. Rediscovering yourself is possible.

To better understand these lessons, let’s examine each one in turn.

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Understanding the Isolation Lessons

I don’t have procrastination issues. I was trying to do too much. – Between this blog, coven, classes, readings, writing a book, teaching, healing work, and all things pertaining to my home life, I was running in so many directions. I had way too many things I wanted and/or needed to do that I didn’t know where to start. If there was one lesson from isolation that I want to take to heart is – Stop. Prioritize. Say no when I need to. If I keep this in mind before taking on a new project I will be able to begin, and complete, things in a timely manner . No procrastination involved.

I am way more social than I thought I was. – I knew I loved to be around people – in small doses. What I didn’t realize is how much I would miss not seeing anyone for such a big chunk of time. Makes me rethink what I thought I knew about myself. More food for thought.

In silence I am redefining my Craft. – Being in my head a lot of the time – silence will do that to you – I have been taking a hard look at where my Craft is going. Am I happy with what I am doing now? What would I like to incorporate into or remove from my current path? Does my Craft still feel fresh or does it need to be shaken up yet again? I have been journaling my thoughts on this and think I finally have my answers (I’ll talk more about this in a future post.)

The Lessons Keep on Coming

My self-discipline sucks. – Really, it does. Too much wine, too little exercise, and way too much TV. But I am working on it. I am moving more, reading and knitting instead of getting in the fridge or watching TV. The wine… well, it is a pandemic after all.

Creativity is unleashed when I have less distractions. – Without the distractions of social engagements, fun outings and well, life outside this abode, my creativity is soaring. I am able to just concentrate on one subject – my writing for example – and let the creative juices flow. Guess I will need to figure out how to keep this going when life becomes busier once again.

Lessons from Isolation: A picture of a 1935 Tudor style cottage.
My Happy Place

My home is truly my “happy place.” – When we moved here 13 years ago it was with the idea that we would find another place later. As such, I really didn’t let myself love this house. My yard, yes. The house, not so much. But being here, day after day, has shown me I do love this place. A lot. It makes me happy. Period.

Rediscovering yourself is possible. – One of the most powerful lessons from isolation is that I have rediscovered myself again. Was I lost? Not really. But I was so busy I forgot who I was, deep inside. Being alone, taking time for more meditation and introspection, I have rediscovered “me” again.

These are Lessons to Remember

If I take nothing else away with me from this historically significant, yet trying time, is that being alone and isolated from the outside world can be a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, no one should have to live like this indefinitely (although I know many do so and that is a topic for a later post). But for the relatively short period of time that we are confined to our homes, there are lessons from isolation to be learned – about ourselves and our Craft. How we deal with this situation can be a positive one if we put aside our fears and worries.

When we concentrate on who we are, what we can be, instead of what is going on outside, we can grow as individuals, as humans. And as we grow, as we heal and change, so does the World. We are ever connected by the web of life. Make your strand as strong as possible so that it strengthens the entire web.

Blessed Be!

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