New Moon Healing Ritual

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In my last blog post – “15 Magickal Projects While We Shelter in Place” one of the projects was a daily or weekly healing ritual. As promised, I am sharing my New Moon Healing Ritual to you all.

While the title indicates “New Moon” it can be easily adapted for any time or lunar cycle. This world needs constant healing right now, so feel free to perform this ritual as often as you feel moved to.

The ritual was written for more than one person to perform and you will see the words “us” and “we”. You may substitute the singular in these occasions. Also, I you will notice that there are not instructions for casting circle. This was left out intentionally so you can use one that works for your tradition or Craft – or none at all if that is the way that you work.

If your tradition asks that the person you wish to do healing work upon must give consent, please do so before beginning the ritual. Then prepare yourself for the work to come in the manner you prefer.

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New Moon Healing Ritual

New Moon Healing Ritual altar
My new moon healing ritual altar.

Before beginning the ritual cut squares of parchment paper.  On each square write down the name or initials of the individual that wishes healing and their location. If they have indicated a specific malady or dis-ease, write this on the paper as well. If you wish to do a healing for the entire World or a collective group, write this upon your slip of paper.

Altar Set-Up:

  • White or blue altar cloth
  • Goddess candle
  • Blue healing candle
  • Corner Candles
  • Two white or blue taper candles
  • Cauldron
  • Parchment papers with names of those to be healed
  • Any other items that speak to you of healing. Perhaps a Tarot card, crystals or stones, poppets, etc.
  • Note: Feel free to substitute items for what you have on hand or what best suits your particular tradition/Craft.

Cast Circle

Healing Ritual Call to Corners:

East In the East we call to Air,

Air, we invite you into our circle tonight as we prepare ourselves and this space for healing.

May the gentle kiss of your winds cleanse our spirits, our bodies, our very energy.

That we may clearly channel healing energies to those in need.

Air, we call to you.

Air, we embrace you.

Air, we welcome you here.

Blessed Be!


In the South we call to Fire,

Fire, we invite you into our circle tonight as we prepare ourselves and this space for healing.

Fire, we ask you to activate our wills that we may have the strength and fortitude to accomplish our task tonight.

Fire, we call to you.

Fire, we embrace you.

Fire, we welcome you here.

Blessed Be!


In the West we call to Water,

Water, we invite you into our circle tonight as we prepare ourselves and this space for healing.

Water, we ask you cleanse away all doubt and fear. Flow your healing waters through us so we may wash away pain and dis-ease.

Water, we call to you.

Water, we embrace you.

Water, we welcome you here.

Blessed Be!


In the North we call to Earth,

Earth, we invite you into our circle tonight as we prepare ourselves and this space for healing.

Earth grant us strong roots, strong enough to sink through your loamy soil and into your core. Once connected to your beating heart, allow us to move the healing flow towards, and into, those who have asked for our help.

Earth, we call to you.

Earth, we embrace you.

Earth, we welcome you here.

Blessed Be!

Call to the Goddesses

We call to the Goddesses. Those who heal, those who nurse our wounds and revitalize our soul.

We ask you to attend us in this circle this night as we direct healing energies to our friends, families, and community.

We call to you by many names: Hekate, Hygieia, Panacea, Airmed, Brighid, Sekhmet, Isis

Grace us with your presence and grant us the strength to send the healing that has been asked of us.

With reverence we call to you.

With love we call to you.

With joy we welcome you here.

Light the Goddess Candle

Light the tapers and the healing candle and say:

The Goddesses have been called and they have answered, ready to aid us in channeling and directing powerful healing energies to those who have requested our assistance in their healing process. We have prepared ourselves in body and mind to come to the aid of all those in need.  May we be blessed with the strength, love and compassion required to do our work this night.

Place your hands over the cauldron and say:

This cauldron stands ready to be a vessel of healing.  As it receives the names of those who wish to be healed may it hold them in its restorative and curative depths, as they await the energy channeled towards them and the release of their dis-ease and injury.

Gather up the parchment papers.  Read each one out loud with the following statement, then place the parchment into the cauldron.

(name or initials of individual) has asked assistance in the healing of (state malady). We ask that (he/she) be healed here tonight.  With the grace and assistance of the Gods, the Universe, the Divine and those present here, we channel the healing light to make (him/her/them) whole again.

Envision the healing energies of the Goddesses and the Universal energy force being channeled to the individual through the written paper. Concentrate on the specific area or areas they have requested assistance in healing.  Focus the energy, moving it into the paper and therefore into the individual.  When you feel that it is “full” place it into the cauldron.

Repeat for all the slips of paper that were created.

Once all the papers are inside the cauldron, raise your arms, opening them wide, palms up.  Once again, feel the connection with the Goddesses, their healing powers and the Universal healing energies.  Let those energies swirl around you and then fill your body, ready to be channeled one last time into the cauldron. When you feel infused with the healing power, place your hands over the cauldron and direct the energies inside.  When finished, take up one of the taper candles and light the papers in the cauldron. Say:

May all those whose names are placed within this cauldron be healed if it is what they truly desire and it is for their greater good.  As the smoke rises, their maladies, injuries and dis-eases waft away on the wind. May they be whole, may they be well, may they be healed.

When all the parchments are burned and the smoke has gone, say:

By the powers of the Goddesses present tonight and by those who have channeled their healing energies, all have been healed!

Snuff the candles.

Farewell to the Goddesses

Hekate, Hygieia, Panacea, Airmed, Brighid, Sekhmet, Isis, we thank you for being with us here tonight.

We, the healers and the healed, give you thanks and praise for all that you shared with us and for the healing work we did together.

Go now if you must, stay if you will.

Farewell and Blessed Be!

Farewell to Corners


To the North and the element of Earth.

We thank you for giving us strong roots and for your healing energies.

Stay if you will,

Go if you must.

Blessed Be!


To the West and the element of Water.

We thank you for your cleansing and healing waters.

Stay if you will. Go if you must.

Blessed Be!


To the South and the element of Fire.

We thank you for the strength and fortitude you have provided us this night.

Stay if you will. Go if you must.

Blessed Be!


To the East and the element of Air.

We thank you for aiding us in channeling healing energies during this rite.

Stay if you will. Go if you must.

Blessed Be!

Close circle.

The rite is done.

May this New Moon Healing Ritual bring the healing and love this world so desperately needs. May you be touched by the magick it creates – through you, for you and for all of humankind.

Blessed Be!

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