Good Intentions are the Worst

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Good intentions are the worst. There, I said it. Just think about it for a moment. All of us “intend” to do a lot of things. We make plans. We write our lists. Each month on the New Moon I even send a message to my coven asking them what intentions they are setting for the current lunar cycle. But where do we go from there? Do we follow through on our intentions? Or is the setting of intentions just another social requirement – a thing we are “supposed” to do. And if we don’t do them, what kind of example does that set?

Intention” seems to be the “it” buzz word these days. Everywhere you look on social media and the internet you are bombarded with intentions. How to set them, the power behind them, the psychological aspects of them. We all intend to do things like volunteer, help our fellow man, or lose weight. But our goals are nothing without action, which is why the best of intentions are the worst things to try and accomplish.

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The Importance of Honoring Our Intentions

Okay, it’s not as if we decide to set these goals without thinking we would commit to them. It is quite the opposite in fact. But, let’s face it. Our follow through is often spotty at best. Life can definitely get in the way. Perhaps the plan we created was too lofty, too time consuming. Yet, if we are putting these words, these intentions, out into the Universe, aren’t we creating a vow, a promise of sorts? As witches, magickal practitioners, and well, just forthright beings, shouldn’t we always honor our vows?

No matter what your walk of life, honoring our intentions, our words, is paramount. By merely setting them as something trendy, or socially or spiritually required, we are being unreliable, even dishonest. Giving lip service just to appear wiser, spiritual, more together, or kinder than you are is deceitful (to others and yourself) – intentional or not. Our word is our bond. Each word, whether written or spoken, means something, creates our reality each and everyday. If we consistently make plans with others, create goals and intentions, without actually intending to follow through then we are fashioning a reality based on untruths. Is that a reality you wish to live in?

We must truly think before we speak our intentions, before we share these goals or plans. Ask yourself these thing: “Is this something I can realistically do?” “Do I truly have the time or energy to follow through on this?” “Can I see myself doing this and if so, does it have merit to myself and/or others?” Should the answers to these questions be yes, then set that intention. However, if any of these answers are “no”, it’s not the right time to commit to this, to create that plan, make that vow. Think first, then you can act with honesty and integrity.

Putting Words Into Action

Now comes the difficult part – putting our words into action. We’ve stated out intentions so we can’t just let them sit there, we must do something with them. Perhaps your intention was to volunteer more. Awesome! Now get off your butt and go and volunteer. There are numerous organizations actively looking for someone just like you. If you intended to examine a behavior or two in your life that is keeping you from finding joy, then do so. Start keeping a journal, create a vision board, meditate. Do something towards that goal each and everyday. Help your neighbor with their fence as you intended to. Get out there and march for justice as you said you would. All the words have been said. Now is the time for action.

Remember, your word is your bond, which is what makes good intentions the worst. Having an intention is easy. Following through on it can be difficult. Just remember that you create the world you live in. Make yours filled with integrity, honesty, and action.

Blessed Be!

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