10 Ways to Create a Magickal Thanksgiving

Once again Thanksgiving is upon us. Thanksgiving is less about Pilgrims and Indians and the myths surrounding them and more about love. Thanksgiving is about magick. What makes a magickal holiday? Let me share with you 10 Ways to Create a Magickal Thanksgiving.

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Once again Thanksgiving is upon us. While not every Pagan or Witch celebrates this holiday – some choose Mabon as their Thanksgiving celebration- but in my household we do celebrate. For me, Thanksgiving is less about Pilgrims and Indians and the myths surrounding them and more about love. We chose to celebrate by feasting not only on turkey, but on the love of friends, family and neighbors. It is about giving to others, sharing what bounty we have with whomever may have need. Thanksgiving is about magick. Magick you say. How? What makes a magickal holiday? Let me share with you 10 Ways to Create a Magickal Thanksgiving.

Some of you may be wondering how in the heck can Thanksgiving be magical? How can one create a magickal thanksgiving when I am surrounded by eccentric family members, suffering from overeating and way too much wine? Believe it or not, even these things can be magickal if you look hard enough.

Magickal Thanksgiving - 'the bounty of thansgiving

The magick of this season is found in the warmth, camaraderie, kindness and goodwill that seems to abound this time of year. Some of the traditions regarding this holiday also have inherent magickal aspects to them. Below I have listed 10 ways to create your own magickal Thanksgiving.

Eating Your Way to a Magickal Thanksgiving

  • The Magick of the Pumpkin Pie.: What is Thanksgiving without the Pumpkin Pie? Did you know that pumpkin itself has magickal qualities? Pumpkin is used in magick for prosperity (both the seeds and fruit), granting wishes, love, and fertility. Think of these attributes the next time you grab a slice of pie.
  • “Make A Wish!”: When you were a child did you and your siblings or relatives fight over the wishbone to make a wish? Think about it. What could be more magickal than a wish?
  • Gobble, Gobble up the Magick.: Your thanksgiving turkey is quite the magickal entrée. Turkey’s have been known as a harbingers for prosperity and wealth. Since turkeys react and become disturbed during bad weather conditions, some ancient culture used them to foretell the future. Just placing a turkey on your dinner table teaches us to be thankful and appreciate all that we have.
  • The Magick found in our spice rack.: Many of the spices we use during this time of year are filled with magickal uses. Sage is used in workings for prosperity, good luck, and wisdom.The cinnamon in that apple pie can be used to attract money, success and to grow spiritually. An sprinkling of nutmeg infuses the magick to grow psychic abilities, grant good health and luck into your meal. I bet you’ll never look at your holiday recipes the same again!
  • Pass the cranberries, please!: Those wonderfully tart little berries pack a big magickal punch. The magick of courage, passion, and determination can be found in each bite of that favorite sauce. In addition, it is a medicinal plant as well so eating cranberries is also beneficial to your well-being. Well, the sugar isn’t medicinal but hey, it is a holiday.

Making Magick at the Dinner Table

A Thanksgiving place setting.
  • Expressing your gratitude.: Every time we express our gratitude, we are creating magick. Our words create our realities. Why not make that reality full of gratitude for the things we have? The Thanksgiving tradition in which everyone states what they are thankful for is some of the greatest magick ever.
  • Invite the Gods to dine with you.: If you invite Cousin Donny to dinner, (and we all know you don’t like him very much), why wouldn’t you invite those who are most important to you? Invite your Gods to your Thanksgiving feast. You may be unable to cast circle and call in deity at Uncle Joe’s house but you can do a silent call to your chosen ones. Place a piece of that special crescent roll next to your plate and ask that the Gods enjoy the feast as well.
  • Say a blessing over the food.: While the rest of the family bow their heads to say “Grace” you can offer up your own prayer of thanksgiving. Use a meal blessing of your own or try this one that I’ve used for years – Goddess and God, I thank you for this food which I am about to consume. Bless the hands that prepared it, and the animals and plants that gave their lives that I may be sustained. Blessed Be.
  • Trace blessing sigils on the dinnerware.: I talked a bit about this last year in my blog post “Stirring in Some Magick for the Holidays” but it is even more relevant today. This world needs blessings now more than ever. So if Thanksgiving is at your home this year, place sigils for blessings and prosperity on the bottom of your plates and stemware. Not at your house? You can surreptitiously place sigils by envisioning a white light emanating from your first two fingers. Hold them over table, or one place setting at a time, and trace the sigils in the air over them.

And for the Big Finish…

Last, but not least, make your Thanksgiving magickal by creating an atmosphere of love and light. Cleanse your home physically and spiritually. Sprinkle herbs for love, health and prosperity about your home or place in bowls in the four corners. Put on soothing music, light some candles, and send out vibrations of love and peace. If you are going elsewhere, cleanse your physical self, add some appropriate herbs in a small bag to carry in your pocket. Above all, try to comport yourself in such a way that you exude peace, grace, and love.

May your holiday be filled with joy, love, and magick!

Blessed Be!

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