Finding Magick in Silence

Silence is the pause, the space between the before and after. It is the one point in time where we can truly listen to the rhythm of the Earth, the beat of our hearts and the breath of the Universe. In silence we find the creative flow, the river of possibilities and the ocean of untapped magickal inspiration.

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In this day and age finding peace and quiet has become increasingly difficult. There is noise, chaos, and craziness everyplace you go. As magickal practitioners we know the value of the quiet spaces that allow us to concentrate. Spaces where we can perform our magicks and ritual without interruption. We know the importance of finding magick in silence.

Yet sometimes it seems impossible to find our quiet space, our silence in which we can do our work. Kids, partners, neighbors and background noise all seemingly conspire against us and negate any quiet we manage to find. But, there is one place where we can always find the silence. The one spot that we always have with us, that space within ourselves.

No, this is not a blog about meditation, although I am a huge proponent of the meditative arts. Nor am I discussing the “To Keep Silent” admonition with regards to our Craft and spell work. This is about discovering your ability to bring the quiet into and around yourself. Let me explain. Have you ever been sitting by yourself in a room, the tv blasting, kids or fur babies running around, the utility company jackhammering outside? Then, for just a single moment, time seems to stop. You are lost in your thoughts and all other external noise just fades away. This, my friends is the silence within. That single, special moment where we can find the magick in silence.

The Magick in the Silence

What exactly is this magick in the silence? Why do we need it and what can it do for our work? Silence is the pause, the space between the before and after. It is the one point in time where we can truly listen to the rhythm of the Earth, the beat of our hearts and the breath of the Universe. In silence we find the creative flow, the river of possibilities and the ocean of untapped magickal inspiration. Only in silence can we truly connect to that spring of untapped power we all hold inside. This moment, this lull in the chaos of mundane life is where we can direct and orchestrate our greatest works.

Silence, when used mindfully, is our helpmate, our partner, in our magickal workings. When we consciously seek out that moment, say at the beginning of a ritual, then all else drops away and only the ritual has our complete attention. Who cares if the next door neighbor’s dog has decided to serenade us in disharmony with the fire engine siren. In our silent space it no longer matters. We are focused, ready to concentrate and do our workings. One moment, just one moment of silence can change the tone and atmosphere of our entire space. In that one moment we both find and become the magick itself.

Finding Magick in Silence - A woman dressed inRoman Garb reclining on stone steps.
Afternoon Silence by William Kortabinski (Public Domain Image)

Learning to Recreate the Silence

With work, we can learn to recreate this silence whenever it is needed. Is it difficult? It can be? Does it take time to master? Yes, but like anything else in the Craft the benefits outweigh the cost of time and energy.

In order to begin tapping into our silent space we must first consciously acknowledge that it does indeed exist. We can’t use something we believe is impossible to obtain. You must “know” that it is there, inside you, around you. Know that silence is a part of your core being, that special fragment of your spirit that has been waiting to be discovered and utilized. Start today by sitting, only for a moment or two, and say “I acknowledge and awaken the silence within.” Repeat this daily, or several times during each day, until you begin to feel the connection with this silent space.

Once you and your silence have become better acquainted, it’s time to take it out for a spin. This time you will acknowledge the silent space and allow it to envelop you. Sit or stand in a noisy, crowded or chaotic space and call upon your silence. Feel it in your core. As you do so focus on nothing, letting all distractions fade away. Alternately you can visualize your quiet space as a dark room with a door. Watch as all the noise and distractions leave through the door then slam the door firmly behind them. Everything around you should now feel soft, hazy and then gone. No noise, no people, no sensation, Just nothing. Hold this “nothing” as long as you can. Repeat this at least once daily until you are able to tap into the silence swiftly and easily.

Making Silence Work for You

Now that you and your silence have become well-acquainted and are working together on a daily basis it’s time to make some magick. Before your next ritual or spell tap into your silence, let it surround you, calm and focus you. Once it is wrapped about you like a soft, fuzzy sweater, begin your working. If at anytime you get distracted, pull the silence back around you and continue working.

When you are finished, make some notes on how this ritual/spell went in comparison to others you have done. What did it feel like working with your silence? Did you find it easier to concentrate, to focus? Were you able to tap into your power easier and with more effectiveness? How did you feel after the working? Calm? Tired? Peaceful? Write down any impressions and feelings no matter how small or insignificant. The next day, pull out your notes and read them again, perhaps compare them with notes from other workings. Do you see a difference? Are you finding magick in silence? Keep practicing this technique with each and every working and whenever you need a bit of perspective or just respite, from a crazy day. The more you use and connect with silence, the more it becomes a natural part of you and your Craft.

When we allow the space, the connection, with silence, our magick can stretch and grow. In silence we can finally reach our magickal potential, allowing singular focus and precision in our thoughts and actions. Our spell work, our ritual, and our lives become places of constant manifestation, of peace and magick. Silence is our ally, our friend and our greatest teacher. May you truly find the magick in your silence.

Blessed Be!

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