10 Ways to Make Time For Magick

We may all romanticize about what we want our magickal lives to be. But mundane life often intervenes. In this article I share 10 Ways To Make Time For Magick

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She steps out into the moonlit night, candle and book in hand, ready to make time for magick. Her long cape flows behind her in crimson waves as she moves down the cobbled pathway. She stops at a raised stone altar and reverently places her items onto its smooth granite surface. She lights the candle with a thought, sending rays of warm light over her hand-written tome. Raising her hands towards the silver moon she…. hears the smoke alarm going off in her neighbors house and her dog howling in chorus.

We may all romanticize about how we want our magickal lives to be. However, mundane life has a way of bringing us back down to earth. Kids, dogs, work, caregiving, cooking, cleaning and volunteering. Our lives our crazy, loud, hectic, and, if we are lucky, sometimes magickal. Making time for our Craft can be rough. So what’s a practitioner to do?

After practicing for over 20 years, I’ve found some unique ways of mixing magick in with the mundane. Below are 10 Ways to Make Time for Magick.

Making Time for Magick

  1. Birthday Candles for Morning Magick: We know our mornings are crazy busy. Carving out time for morning devotions or ritual can be tricky. Tomorrow, take a moment and light a birthday candle, placed in sand or kitty litter in a fireproof container. You can say a brief affirmation, morning litany, or just ask for blessings from the Gods for your day.
  2. Bathroom Blessings and Magick: Whether at work or home, we all spend a portion of our day in the restroom. It may be the only place where you have any quiet time at all. Once you’ve done what you went in there to do in the first place, wash up and stir up some magick. A quick spell for a successful meeting. Perhaps ask for Goddess to grant you patience while dealing with a 2-year-old’s tantrums. Think quick, small and private.
  3. Stir in Magick with your Meals: Whether you are a Kitchen Witch or not, mealtime is always the perfect time for a little magick. Stir in a spell for good health with the morning oatmeal. Use your finger to trace runes on the bottom of your families plates, charging them with prosperity and peace. Make Reiki infused lemonade to serve to your ailing Mother-in-Law. These little things take only a minute or so to do and can have a huge impact.
  4. Add a Bit of Herbal Magick: Place a potted plant with known magickal properties into your space. Rosemary, lavender, lucky bamboo, or a beautiful Peace Lily are all magickal plants that you can use for quick spells on a moments notice. Tired? Sniff some Rosemary while uttering a chant for alertness. Funds low? Place your hands around the bamboo and ask the Universe for what you require.
  5. Magickal Lunchtime Strolls: For many people part of their lunchtime or break routine is spent on a walk. Stretching your legs and getting your steps in can be magickal as well. Before you start out decide on what you wish to work for. A new job, greater patience, some quick money, whatever you need most. Then as you walk concentrate on this goal. Know that with each step you are coming closer to achieving it. At the end of your walk, stomp your feet and say (out loud or to yourself) “So Mote it Be!” or “It is Done!”
  6. Commercial Break Conjuring: Got three minutes? Then you can conjure up a bit of magick. Do a simple knot spell to capture the energy of the current moon phase. Keep a notebook handy and write down ideas for rituals, chants or spells. Cleanse your spell candles. Smudge your Tarot cards and pendulums. These are small but quick magicks (yes cleaning and preparing ARE magick) but the time, and magick, really adds up.
  7. Housework as Magick: Whether we enjoy it or not, housework eventually needs to be done. Why not make it magickal as well? Spell your cleaners for peace, joy and prosperity before you use them. You will then infuse your entire home with these energies. When is a dust rag not a dust rag? When you’ve used a permanent marker to write runes and sigils on it for psychic and etheric “dust” removal. And please, don’t get me started on the broom. I think you get the idea.
  8. The Art of the Five Minute Ritual – There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Five Minute Ritual. Nothing. No, it’s not elaborate and visually stunning (well, it can be), but as long as it’s heartfelt, reverent, and meaningful, it will be the best five minutes ever. Take a sunflower, place it on your altar and contemplate the meaning of Lammas for five minutes. Light a candle and appreciate the return of the light on a Imbolc night. Be present, be thoughtful and be done before your five year old wakes up from his nap.
  9. Movement as Magick: As practitioners we are aware that energy fuels our magick and that directing that energy is crucial. But what if you are strapped for time? Dance, spin, jump, sway, move! All of these things creates energy in a very short period of time. Gather your thoughts, speak aloud your desires, then use movement to raise the energy. When done, throw your arms up to the Universe and send that magick towards its goal. Mobility impaired? No worries. Use visualization to “dance” in your energy and send it out with a breath instead.
  10. The Magick of Being: There is nothing more magickal and powerful than allowing ourselves to just “be”. Taking five minutes to meditate journal, tend our gardens, or just sit in nature, can fill us, recharge us, and allow our magick to flow unimpeded by stress and the cares of the day. But don’t feel like you “have to” make it five minutes. If you only have two, or have ten, use them to your advantage. Magick happens when we let it.
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Building a Practice for the Time Impaired

Now that you have a few helpful hints it’s time to do what I call “Building a Practice for the Time Impaired”. Start out with just one of these ideas and add it into your daily routine. Then try adding another one or alternating the first with one of the others. As time moves forward you may begin to realize that there are other times in the day, the week or the month where a little more can fit into your schedule. Before you realize it, you now have a thriving, fulfilling magickal practice that fits into your time impaired life.

It is my hope that you build on these ideas and create a wonderful, amazing, and truly extraordinary practice for yourself. May you always find the time for Magick.

Blessed Be!

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