I like My Witchcraft Shaken Not Stirred

I Like My Witchcraft Shaken, Not Stirred

So many changes throughout the years. So many ideas, beliefs and styles picked up, discarded or rearranged. I suppose I like my Witchcraft shaken, not stirred.

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Beltane is nearly upon us and a celebratory ritual is coming up. I decided to flip through my BOS (Book of Shadows), looking for previous rituals that I may want to share with the coven. Surprisingly, while not a single ritual in the book was the same, none of them seemed relevant to where my Craft is today. So many changes throughout the years. So many ideas, beliefs and styles picked up, discarded or rearranged. I suppose I like my Witchcraft shaken, not stirred.

As with most things in life if you don’t shake things up, try new things and go new places, you become stagnant. Witchcraft is the same way. Our Craft needs to be shaken up on occasion, taken out for ride on the wild side. What we change and how we change it makes an incredible difference in keeping our Craft new and exciting.

I’ve talked before about “Pruning our Magickal Deadwood”, getting rid of the things that no longer work for us. This does work wonders for creating change and giving us room to add new ideas to our work. But that was just the first step. Now we need to start stirring the caldron of change, mixing up our newly found insights. We need to get that Witchcraft shaken up, invigorated, and recharged.

Shaken Not Stirred - pouring from a martini shaker into a glass

Witchcraft Shaken not Stirred

How do we go about shaking up our Craft? What are some of the ways we can invigorate, refresh and recharge our work? Below are a few things I have done to shake things up with my Craft.

  • Read a book on a branch of Witchcraft, Wicca or other facet of Paganism that is totally foreign to you.
  • Go to a Pagan Festival or conference. While you are there take one workshop on something you find fascinating and different.
  • Go to a public ritual for a Sabbat or festival you’ve never celebrated before. If you are Wiccan, attend a Druid Grove’s ritual. Want to really shake it up? Find a Discordian ritual close by.
  • If you are normally a more “Cerebral Witch” work on something more tactile and hands on. Grab some clay and create a sculpture. Try painting, gardening or hiking. Get out of the chair and get your hands busy and dirty.
  • Go through your BOS and really look at the entries. What has changed in your Craft since you added in that ritual or spell? Do you really still follow the lists of correspondences you made 5 years ago or should it be added to or substracted from? You get the idea. Be honest, be critical and be ready to make some changes.
  • Sit down and try and come up with at least three new ideas on how to do something you’ve always done “the right way”. If you’ve always called corners a certain way because that’s they way you were taught, try something new. While you may eventually prefer to go back to the tried and true, if you never try something new you may be missing out. That weird new corner call may connect you in ways you never thought possible. Think about it.

Drinking in Your Newly Shaken Craft

Now that you’ve been given some ideas to shake up your Witchcraft, act on them. Merely shaking up your Craft isn’t enough. Remember, a well-shaken Martini is only good if you actually drink it. The same goes for you and your Craft. Reflect and reexamine to your heart’s content but then get out there and do the things. Make the changes happen. Step up to the bar, mix up that drink and begin shaking. Keep on shaking until you feel that everything is mixed, that you are ready to begin your work anew. Then drink up Witches! Enjoy your newly shaken Craft and watch what a new perspective, a new outlook, creates in your magickal life.

Blessed Be!

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